Disinfection of Indoor Areas

Disinfection of Indoor Areas


For the disinfection of indoor areas we have two different solutions depending on the requirements: the disinfection cannon V12so or the disinfection backpack. 

The V12so is ideally suited for applying disinfectant in large indoor areas. As it is equipped with a dosing pump, it automatically mixes the disinfectant with the water, and the automatic swivelling ensures that the disinfectant is distributed evenly. The agent is then atomized with the water to form a fine mist that covers all surfaces and cleans them of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Due to its low sedimentation speed, the fog also reaches hidden corners. The amount of liquid used is so small that puddles do not form on the floor or surfaces so that indoor use is not a problem.

The disinfection backpack, on the other hand, is ideal for disinfecting smaller indoor areas. It is fully electric and above all very easy to operate. 

For which areas of application are the disinfection cannon and the backpack suitable?

Fields of Application

Typical applications for the V12so disinfection cannon are: large indoor areas such as warehouses, production facilities (also food) or garages, but also outdoor areas such as playgrounds, residential areas, etc.

Typical applications for the disinfection backpack are: smaller indoor areas, offices, truck cabins, kitchens, dining rooms, hotel rooms, sand landscapes, etc.

How does the disinfection process work?


The water mist principle also applies here: the disinfectant is atomized to create a very fine mist made up of extremely tiny droplets. This mist settles on all surfaces, cleaning it of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Due to its slow sedimentation speed, the mist also penetrates right into very hidden corners.

This process uses such a small amount of liquid that there is no problem using it in indoor areas.

Most important Technical Data


Throwing distance (up to) 30* m / 50 m
total power (pump and turbine) 3,75* / 11,75 kW
Water flow 4 l/min
Noise emission 60* / 63 bei 20 m db(A)
* at reduced speed
Data sheet disinfection cannon V12so (98.85 kB) download

Most important Technical Data

Disinfection Backpack

Capacity 16 Liter
battery power 2 h
spare battery included
electrical water pump
special nozzles
download (68.00 kB) download