The disinfection tunnel for protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi

The disinfection tunnel for protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi


The way the disinfection tunnel works is reminiscent of the body scanner at the airport: The person enters the tunnel and stops with outstretched arms. The disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles to form a fine mist of water which is deposited on all surfaces in the tunnel - skin and clothing, bags or even smartphones. The disinfection process is completed in 15 seconds.

The "Ersa" disinfectant that is used is harmless for the human organism, therefore no protective equipment is necessary when using it.

For which applications is the DisinfecTunnel suitable?

Areas of application

The tunnel is very versatile. It is particularly suitable for use in public places, in front of hospitals, at work, in front of entrances, at events, for hotels, trade fairs, swimming pools, ski resorts, etc. The DisinfecTunnel can not only be used for human beings, but is also suitable for the disinfection of objects (such as shopping carts), goods etc. 

How the DisinfecTunnel works


The use of the tunnel is very simple and in detail like this:

  1. Enter the DisinfecTunnel and let yourself be sprayed with outstretched arms
  2. Turn 90° (always keep your arms outstretched)
  3. Then hold your shoe soles in front of the nozzle
  4. Hold other objects such as handbags, keys, smartphones, etc. in front of the nozzle
  5. Leave the tunnel

Result: The disinfection process is completed within 15 seconds. However, the effect lasts.

Most important Technical Data


Standard dimensions 2,5 m (H) x 1,5 m (W) x 4,5 m (L).
High-pressure pump 70 bar
Water flow 0,5 l/min
Nominal voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Foldable tent with aluminium structure
Waterproof and robust cover
Installation time ca. 15 minutes
Data sheet DisinfecTunnel (259.96 kB) download