Rent our Disinfection Solutions

Rent our Disinfection Solutions

Rental Service

If you only need our disinfection solutions for a limited period of time or would like to test one of our models, you can make use of our rental service. We offer various solutions such as the disinfection tunnel or the disinfection cannon for rent. Our sales team will be more than happy to help you further.

Our current range of disinfection solutions:



Disinfection for people and goods

The disinfection tunnel is ideal for the disinfection of people, goods and merchandise and is very easy to use: the person enters the tunnel and remains standing with outstretched arms.

Through nozzles, the disinfectant is atomized to a fine water mist, which lies on all surfaces in the tunnel - skin and clothes, bags or even smartphones. The disinfection process is completed in 15 seconds. 

Best suited for: Events, public places, hospitals, workplaces, in front of entrances, hotels, trade fairs, swimming pools, ski resorts, ski lifts, sports facilities, etc.


Disinfection Cannon V12so

Disinfection of Indoor Areas

The V12so is ideal for applying disinfectant in large indoor areas. It is atomized to a fine mist that covers all surfaces and cleans them of bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

› Throwing distance: 30* m / 50 m
› Power (pump + turbine): 3,75* / 11,75 kW
› Sound pressure level: 60* / 63 at 20 m db(A)
› Water flow: 4 l/min

*at reduced speed

Best suitable for: large indoor areas such as warehouses, production facilities (also food) or garages, but also outdoor areas such as playgrounds, residential areas, etc.

Good to know

  • We also offer a complete disinfection service
  • If you decide to buy the machine after the rental, we can charge the rental price as a deposit.
  • There are discounts for long-term rentals.

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Rent our Disinfection Solutions

We are in charge for rental withing Italy and Austria. For the remaining countries our partners are at your disposal.