It's time to celebrate: 10 years of EmiControls

EmiControls was officially founded 10 years ago. The ambitions and intentions were high from the beginning: to supply people around the world with efficient solutions for protection against dust, odour and fire.

How it all began

Although the official founding date is 2011, our story began a little earlier. At that time, it was already clear to our parent company TechnoAlpin that the know-how it had gained over the years in machine and system construction and in water atomisation could also be used outside the ski slopes. The market was also already showing initial interest for dust and firefighting solutions with turbines. So in 2008 TechnoAlpin was looking for the right person to take the first steps in the dust suppression business in name of the TechnoAlpin "ProAir Solutions" department. At that time Francesco Fritz returned from Paris and was looking for a new challenge - a perfect match.

In the same year, the first DCT5 dust controller was developed, built and sold in the demolition sector. At the same time, the first experiments were already being made in the field of gas precipitation in Magdeburg.


The first dust controller (DCT5) is used for demolition work.

>> development of dust turbine

The first trade fair appearance at the "Steinexpo" in Germany.


Francesco and his first employee Mauro during tests of the turbine for gas precipitation in Magdeburg.

2011 - the year of foundation

After three years in which Francesco and his team tried to explore new potential fields of applications water mist turbines, it was clear that the potential was huge. That's why the management of TechnoAlpin decided to put our company on its own feet. And so the "Pro Air Solutions" division became the subsidiary: "EmiControls".

In the same year, a very special event took place: EmiControls organised the largest documented fire extinguishing test with water mist in Europe - with complete success. From now on, EmiControls is enriched by the "Fire" division and introduces the fire fighting turbine to the fire fighting world.


The largest documented fire test with water mist in Hungary: 160m² area, 2400 l petrol - 350MW HHR - 1% AFFF Schuam.

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First installation of a fire-fighting turbine at a chemical plant in Merano (Italy). Intended use: gas precipitation!


Successful tests to suppress gas emissions

The product range expands

"Our goal is it to protect people around the world from emissions and fire. We do this by using our experiences with water and air to develop efficient technologies."

We've already told you how we came up with our dust suppression and firefighting solutions. Over the years, we added the sectors odor and evaporation to our product portfolio. And that's how it happened:

In 2014, the owner of a recycling plant in France called us. He had big problems with his neighbours, who complained about the constant odor. Unfortunately, there was no suitable solution for him yet - but with this phone call, the idea was born to develop a odor controller. The first prototype was built in the same year. In addition, the university "Politecnico di Milano" conducted tests and confirmed the efficiency of the turbine: it eliminates up to 80% of the odor. The first machine is launched on the market in 2017.

In 2016, a partner approached EmiControls with the idea of developing a machine for mechanical evaporation. In the same year, the machine is developed, built and sold. The first model went to Australia.


Odor elimination
The phone call of a french recycling plant owner brought up the idea to build an odor controller. 

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In 2016, following a request from a partner, the E46 was developed - a machine for mechanical evaporation. It accelerates the sun's natural process.

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Extinguishing robot
The first extinguishing robot was launched in 2013. It consists of a fire-fighting turbine mounted on a crawler chassis and is an extremely manoeuvrable, versatile and, above all, very safe extinguishing device for many fire situations. 

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Proven efficiency

We are constantly working on our solutions and developing them further. In doing so, we not only rely on feedback from our customers but also test the effectiveness of universities and research institutes.

With our solutions in the field of fire, dust, odor and evaporation, we have already worked with many renowned institutes, including MPA in Dresden, the University "Politecnico di Milano", Institut der Feuerwehr, Heyrothsberge as well as Politecnico di Torino.

New products in particular are thoroughly tested in use before they are launched on the market.


2011: Tests of the extinguishing turbine in Rovereto


2013: Francesco and Martin after tunnel tests with the firefighting robot in Spain


Droplets in comparison: you can see a clear difference in the distribution of the droplets at 43 and 47 metres respectively.

Behind the scenes

Many people have accompanied EmiControls during the past 10 years.
We have invited some of them for an interview and let them tell their stories. 


Francesco Fritz, CEO EmiControls

Francesco was part of EmiControls from the very first moment. In this video, he tells you how it all began.

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Alverman Soster, Dust Divistion Manager 

EmiControls goes Russia: Alverman talks about the first steps in Russia, major success projects and new technologies. 

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