Evaporation of Industrial Water

Application areas

Accumulation of water represents a problem in many areas of industry. Typical areas of application are therefore all those businesses where production results in significant amounts of water.

Chemical industries

Contaminated waste often occurs in the chemical industry, which can be stored in large settling ponds. Water can be removed from this waste sludge using the E46. This makes it easier to transport, and it can be safely and inexpensively disposed of.


Lithium Extraction

For the process of recovering lithium, saline water is pumped to the surface and passed through a chain of evaporation ponds. There, natural evaporation takes place by the sun. It can only be further processed after several months when the lithium chloride in the ponds has reached the necessary concentration.

This process of evaporation can be accelerated up to 12 times by our E46.


Salt Production

The E46 is used in the process of recovering salt by escalating the evaporation process in salt pans.


Other applications

Other possible applications for the E46 are in mining (especially in copper mines), open cut mines, food production, etc. 


Solutions for Industrial Evaporation

Most Suitable Solution

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