How to Accelerate the Evaporation of Water

Water mist technology

Many industrial processes require water, which is then collected in settling ponds. You can learn here how you can accelerate the process of evaporating this water by mechanical means. 

The natural process of evaporation begins by exposing the surface of the water to the sun. However, the process takes a long time, depending on the temperature and climate. The so-called Venturi Process can be used to accelerate this process. The nozzles suck in air to optimize the formation of droplets. Evaporation then occurs at a much higher rate. 

Mechanical evaporation can be used by all companies that have problems with the accumulation of liquids. It can also be used to dispose of brine from desalination plants or to recover minerals from a settling pond. These so-called evaporation basins are also used to remove water from hazardous waste. Water can be removed from, for example, contaminated sludge, so it is easier to transport and can then be processed and stored.

We offer the following solutions


Our know-how in producing water-mist and our modern nozzle technology serves as the basis for the development of the evaporators.

Areas of application for mechanical evaporation

Fields of Application

Potential applications for our evaporation solutions range from chemical industries, meat production, lithium recovery and many other sectors that have a problem with large amounts of wastewater.

How our solutions work

Working Principles

Our solution can increase natural evaporation by up to 12 times. The water is pumped through special nozzles and thrown six meters high into the air. The nozzles work here according to the Venturi principle (see explanation above). The special nozzles also prevent the water from being carried away by the wind - the water just falls back into the pond.