Mechanical Evaporator

E46 - the floating water evaporator for industrial water


The E46 can accelerate the water evaporation process by up to 12 times. The water is pumped through special nozzles and thrown into the air up to a height of six meters. The nozzles work according to the Venturi principle: this means they additionally suck in air to ensure optimized drop formation, which in turn leads to improved levels of evaporation. The special nozzles also avoid the stream of water sprayed high in the air being carried away by the wind. 


A basin with the following dimensions (100 m length x 30 m width x 1 m depth) contains 3,000 m³ of water. In sunshine 3 m³ evaporates per hour with the help of our E46 (makes 1 mm of water).

In one day with 10 hours of sunshine, approx. 50 m³ evaporates ((3 m³ x 10) + (1.4 m³ x 14)); this results in 16.67 mm per day.


For which areas of application is the E46 suitable?

Fields of Application

The E46 is suitable for all companies that require help with the evaporation of their industrial; liquids/water. Among these areas are steelworks, copper mines, lithium production facilities, meat processing industries, etc.

Most important Technical Data


Nominal power - pump 4 kW
Operating temperature -5° bis +45°
Water flow 126 l/min
Working pressure 12 bar
E46 datasheet (144.49 kB) download