Fire Fighting
Firefighting with turbine fire truck

The turbine fire truck significantly increases the level of safety for firefighting personnel:

  • The firefighting turbine extinguishes and cools very efficiently, thanks to the use of water mist
  • The turbine can rotate 360° making the fire truck ideal for large scale fires
  • Water mist can envelop objects (more safety with 3D fire)
  • The binding of gases and smoke improves the visibility and increases safety
  • The turbine ensures heat is absorbed much faster when compared to conventional methods
  • Intuitive and safe operation of the turbine direct from the cabin of the vehicle
  • Enhanced possibilities to extinguish fires because the turbine can be both lifted and tilted
  • Suitable for nebulizing water, foam, retarder and gel additives

The turbine fire truck is an excellent choice for the following areas of use:

Fields of Application

The turbine fire truck is very versatile, for example for use in chemical plants, for airports, large halls, urban areas, forest fires, etc.

More safety with mobile firefighting


Safety plays an essential role in firefighting with a fire truck: for example, the driver of the fire truck can give his colleagues added protection from the rear using a water mist jet when advancing into tunnel fires. The firefighting turbine can also work with foam (see video)

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Further solutions

Each application requires a customized solution. Our turbines can operate as a stationary unit, a complete system, or mounted on a caterpillar vehicle, according to your own requirements. Find out about the various application possibilities for the turbine here.