The innovative extinguishing concept
Stationary fire protection with turbine
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The innovative extinguishing concept
Stationary fire protection with turbine
The innovative extinguishing concept
Stationary fire protection with turbine

Stationary fire protection with turbine

We develop firefighting turbines that extinguish fire with water mist. Water mist is extremely effective in the fight against fire as it achieves a higher cooling effect with low water consumption. So far, the problem has been the limited range of water mist. We have solved this problem successfully by using a turbine: water mist can be shot up to 50 meters with our firefighting turbine.

The FT10e firefighting turbine produces very fine and small drops of water, which are distributed by means of propellers. The finer and smaller the droplets are, the larger their water surface and absorption surface and heat can thus be better extracted from the fire. The fine mist also has a lower sedimentation velocity and can envelop the fire objects well.

Water mist offers many advantages in firefighting: cools better, extinguishes faster and requires less water than conventional methods.

The FT10e significantly increases protection:

  • Water mist also reaches very hidden fire angles
  • The structure is better cooled by the water mist
  • In an emergency, less consequential damage is caused as water mist requires a smaller amount of water


Areas of application:
Recycling plants, oil & gas, chemical industry, wood processing industry, large storage areas with high fire load

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The FT10e stationary firefighting turbine is protecting your business 24/7

The following 4 functions are combined in our turbine:

  • High cooling capacity with less water consumption
  • High proven efficiency at pollutant suppression
  • Faster and more efficient firefighting than traditional methods
  • Also suitable for foam generation
certificate MPA Dresden

Types of Projection

Because the turbine is made up of a nozzle crown and water supply head that are independent of one another, the FT10e’s water flow rate can be regulated on three levels.
More specifically, it is possible to use: only the external crown, or only the central water supply head, or, also, both these elements together.

This produces different types of projection: a long-range jet, or a wide angle mist.


Mode: fine water mist

Mode: full jet
Mode: open spray jet


Who we are: We offer tailor-made solutions in firefighting and dust suppression using water mist.
EmiControls is part of the TechnoAlpin Group, which supplies ski resorts with turnkey snow-making systems and has become the world market leader in just a few years.The sound know-how in mechanical engineering and above all in water atomization was also intended to be applied beyond ski slopes and in 2011 intensive research into fire protection and dust control began: EmiControls was born.
Where we are: Our head office is located in Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy)

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Our mission

"We have set ourselves the goal of protecting people and the environment from fires and emissions worldwide. For this we combine water mist with the power of a turbine."


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