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Dust Suppression with High-Quality Equipment

“It is our aim to create solutions that guarantee zero-emission to our clients. We build dust controllers that optimally atomize the water with as little energy as physically necessary, and thus deposit the dust as efficiently as possible.”

Dust suppression with water mist is a successful way to limit unwanted dust emissions. This is especially useful in industries where it is necessary to comply with certain dust regulations. At the same time, it also improves working conditions for employees and supports the longevity of machinery. Less dust means better working conditions for workers and less wear and tear on other machinery.

Our dust suppression solutions create fine water mist that better captures dust particles, encapsulating them and forcing them to the ground. Optimum water droplet size is the key to the entire process. Conventional spray systems create heavy water droplets with little hang time and surface area, failing to capture the bulk of the airborne dust. Likewise, droplets that are too small will be blown away and not have a chance to bind with the dust.


Our Product Range for Dust Suppression


V22 · The most powerful dust controller on the market

Throwing distance: 230-300 ft
Nominal power - turbine: 24,81 HP
Nominal power - pump: 14,75 HP
Sound pressure level: 63 at 66 ft db(A)
Water flow: 31-92 gpm

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V7 · The dust controller for medium throwing distances

Throwing distance: 100-130 ft
Nominal power - turbine: 8,72 HP
Nominal power - pump: 5,36 HP
Sound pressure level: 73 at 66 ft db(A)
Water flow: 5-26 gpm

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H2 System

The H2 System is a versatile high-pressure misting system for controlling dust and odor. It consists of a modular design and can, therefore, be flexibly adapted to the needs of customers

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CURTpro - Management Software

With the management software CURTpro, you can monitor and control all of the dust and odor controller machinery in your system. The main advantage: CURTpro reacts to several different inputs.

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Experience the V22 in Action

Innovative Technology

Ongoing research and development have inspired us to create a new generation of turbines. The innovative materials and refined aerodynamics of the blades ensure better performance with the same energy consumption and at the same time more silence.

When we develop a dust controller, we do it according to these guidelines:

  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Long Lifespan of Machine and its Components
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Versatile Configuration
  • High Level of Safety
  • Full control over Water Flow, Throw, Droplet Size
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National and international References


Groundforce Worldwide

Our partner company Groundforce Worldwide offers the so-called Fogger Truck: a heavy-duty body with two misting cannons (perfect for utilization at dump sites, stock piles, shovel face, large dust clouds and other challenging areas)


Teck Coal in Canada

Teck Caol is Canada’s largest diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development. They have a Fogger Truck with two V22 in use.


Steel plant in Russia

The biggest Russian steel plant uses several misting Solutions by EmiControls, amongst others: a V7,  several V22 and a H1 System.


    Morandi Bridge in Italy

    After the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Italy, several V7 were in use for the following demolition work and the rebuilding of the new bridge. 

    >> read case study

    Mine in Sweden

    One of Swedens biggest mines has a H1 System in use at their Crushers. 

    Fields of Application

    Dust Suppression with water mist is extremely efficient and can be used in many different ways. We offer a wide range of different products. This is the reason why we always have the right solution for almost every kind of problem with dust. As we offer both mobile and stationary dust collection systems, this results in a number of possible applications. Among others: Recycling Centers, quarries, mines, composting plants, all kinds of industry, storage and unloading sites, construction sites, ports, etc.


    Firefighting Solutions

    We at EmiControls offer as well solutions for fighting fires - such as the firefighting robot. Safety in firefighting - be it for emergency services or structural protection - can be increased enormously, thanks to water mist. This water mist quickly saps the energy from the fire and significantly increases the cooling effect.

    If you need more information about our firefighting solutions, please visit our main website. 

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    Ask us - We'll help you to find the right solution!

    EmiControls has a vast sales network in the United States. Their sales and service representatives cover the US market, ensuring quick sales and service.

    If you have any questions regarding our high-quality dust suppression equipment, please contact us at any time.

    Dust Division Manager
    Alverman Soster