Dust Control
CURT - the management software
... for automatic monitoring and control of your dust controllers and systems

This is CURT - the management software

Management Software

The management software CURT can monitor all dust controllers and associated components of a plant and controls them independently in real-time – at the click of a mouse.

If certain work processes regularly generate dust, various inputs (such as information from the weather station or time control) can be used to define when and how the system is to be switched on or off automatically. This means that protection against dust is no longer in the hands of the employees, but happens automatically and energy-efficiently.

Thanks to CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines), the system always and only runs when it is needed.

CURT offers your team and company the following advantages:


  • Autonomous: the plant runs completely automatically based on the predefined parameters, guaranteeing the consistent quality of dust abatement.
  • Time-saving: as the system runs autonomously, employees are not disturbed in their work processes.
  • Increased safety: the system can be controlled from the office at the click of a mouse, thus avoiding unnecessary personnel operations on the site.
  • Energy and cost-efficient: our dust suppression solutions are generally very energy-efficient and low in maintenance. Thanks to CURT and the pre-defined parameters, the machine only switches on when it is needed. This saves additional money and resources.
  • Flexible: the different inputs allow flexible adaptation to the needs of our customers. In addition, the system can be expanded without any problems.
  • Easy to use: thanks to the well arranged graphic design, CURT can be operated conveniently without extensive software knowledge