Dust Control

This is CURTpro - Our Intelligent Dust Management System

Management Software

The automated management software CURTpro oversees all dust controllers and associated
components of a plant and controls them in real-time - all at the click of a mouse.

CURTpro is the control system which is smart and easy-to-operate, a real "game changer". It can be configured with customized settings, allowing the system to automatically react according to the inputs of the linked sensors. Individually configurable settings enable the control system to react seamlessly to the signals of the associated sensors, thus setting new standards in the corresponding communication.

The software can be conveniently operated using a PC or tablet, basically from anywhere in the world. Since CURTpro is fully automatic, the responsibility for dust and odour control no longer rests solely on the shoulders of the plant operator or the human workers directly.

CURTpro works completely autonomously: If certain work processes regularly cause dust, it can be defined on the basis of various inputs (such as information from the weather station or through targeted time control) when and in what form the system should automatically switch on or off. The use of resources is as a consequence also optimised. Thanks to CURTpro, the system only runs when it is actually needed.

For more flexibility in your business

Special features

  • Customised configuration: Our dust control system is adaptable to any operating area and can be optimally coordinated with all customer requirements.

  • Automated processing and sensor technology: The control system can be controlled virtually through an interactive map dashboard - also possibly over its own remote connection. It acts completely autonomously with pre-configured rules and controls the system itself. Thanks to high-end sensor technology, CURTpro receives inputs about external conditions and reacts accordingly.

  • Efficient dust and odour control: CURTpro enables the best monitoring and reporting and helps to identify and exploit optimisation potential, while ideally regulating the use of resources and allowing staff to be deployed elsewhere. Thanks to the possibilities of automatic control and remote access, safety is fundamentally improved and time is saved.

The APSensor Dust

Sensor Technology

With its new intelligent auto particle identification (API) technology the APSensor Dust makes it possible to work in different dust source scenarios and to be accurate measuring air quality, also outdoors. Thanks to a pump-suction sampling method, the APSensor can accurately and reliably output dust concentration.

CURTpro in every day working life


  • Autonomous: The plant runs completely automatically based on the predefined parameters, guaranteeing the consistent quality of dust abatement.
  • Time-saving: As the system runs autonomously, employees are not disturbed in their work processes.
  • Increased safety: The system can be controlled from the office at the click of a mouse, thus avoiding unnecessary personnel operations on the site.
  • Energy and cost-efficient: Our dust suppression solutions are generally very energy-efficient and low in maintenance. Thanks to CURTpro and the pre-defined parameters, the machine only switches on when it is needed. This saves additional money and resources.
  • Flexible: The different inputs allow flexible adaptation to the needs of our customers. In addition, the system can be expanded without any problems.
  • Easy to use: Thanks to the well arranged graphic design, CURTpro can be operated conveniently without extensive software knowledge.