Automatic extinguishing system from EmiControls secures Blue River Recycling

Installation of a fully automatic extinguishing system with turbines for the production of substitute fuels
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Blue-River-Recycling GmbH, based in Papenburg, Lower Saxony (DE), produces high-calorific pellets from non-recyclable mixed plastics at its site. These are then used as a substitute for fossil fuels, such as coal, in the cement, lime and steel industries. By pelletising the substitute fuels, higher usage rates can be achieved in the industries concerned, so that the cement industry, for example, can now completely dispense with the use of fossil fuels.

CO2 emissions for transport are also reduced, as higher payloads can be achieved in the form of bulk material. Thanks to an extensive sorting plant with various shredders and separators, the company can produce and deliver very high-quality and high-calorific RDF material, the C02 value of which is also recorded by intelligent sensors.

Based on the customer's existing fire protection concept, an extinguishing system from EmiControls was planned and implemented. The very compact system design and the storage of material with a high fire load were an additional challenge that made it necessary to develop a customised solution and ultimately a high-quality design for the fully automatic extinguishing system.

As components of the fully automatic extinguishing system, the FT10e water mist turbines cover larger areas of the system. These are supplemented by extinguishing turrets, whose purpose is to ensure fire protection even in more compact areas. The combination of fire extinguishing and foam bunker extinguishing systems ensures comprehensive property protection for the entire production process.

The extinguishing system has been recognised and approved by the customer's insurance companies.

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Blue-River-Recycling Sprühflutanlage
Blue-River-Recycling Sprühflutanlage