Fire Fighting
Stationary Fire Protection

The FT10e significantly increases protection because:

  • Water mist is exceptionally effective in extinguishing fires
  • The structure is more effectively cooled with water mist
  • Water mist is able to envelop objects so it can also reach hidden fires
  • Water mist is very efficient in suppressing contaminants and can hinder the emission of gases using water curtains.

The firefighting turbine is excellent for the following applications

Fields of Application

The water mist turbine offers businesses, and emergency services personnel, extremely high levels of safety. It is particularly suitable in the following areas: recycling yards, landfill dumps, oil and gas, chemical industries, industries that use timber, and large storage facilities, the content of which include sizeable amounts of flammable material.

Certified classes of fire


The accredited fire protection certification organizations bSafe, the TÜV Süd, and the MPA Dresden have confirmed that the FT10e is very suitable for use in the following types of fires:

  • A = solid fuels
  • B = liquid fuels
  • C = gaseous fuels
  • F = burning fat

Most important Technical Data


Water flow of 100 - 4.000 l/min
Nominal voltage 400 V
Nominal current max. 29 A
Turbine tilt -19° + 43°
Swing (automatic) 360°
Weight on machine carrier 1.000 kg
Choice of different nozzle heads and monitors possible
Fully automatic control possible with any fire detection system (CAN bus)
Control: manual, remote (remote control or cable), PLC or PC
Winter operation through internal heating
Datasheet FT10e (489.49 kB) download
Flyer Firefighting Turbine - FT10e (401.33 kB) download

The rate of the flow of water can be controlled in three stages because the turbine consists of a separate nozzle ring and spray head. That means that it is possible to independently use either the outer nozzle ring, or the internal spray head mechanism, or both together.

This results in the following types of spray patterns:
Mode: fine water mist, full jet (closed to open), and a combination of both.

Choice of monitor and nozzle head

Good to know

Either a monitor or nozzle head can be attached to the inside of the turbine and these can be exchanged at any time using an integrated quick connector. The FT10e comes with two spotlights as standard equipment to facilitate operation at night.

These solutions can be interesting for you

Further solutions

Each application requires a customized solution. Our turbines can operate as a stationary unit, a complete system, or mounted on a caterpillar vehicle, according to your own requirements. Find out about the various application possibilities for the turbine here.