Dust Control

Dust under control

Our dust controllers and solutions for removal of dust

We offer customized solutions for dust control in various fields of application. Since every dust problem requires its own solution, we focus on the whole process beginning with customer advice and planning, practical implementation of the systems, their maintenance and of course customer service.

Our dust control solutions consist of mobile devices (turbine and lance), fixed installation systems, or a combination of both.

Product Guidelines

We protect our customers from dust and its consequences. In order to achieve this goal, we develop each mobile as well as stationary dust control solution according to the following guidelines:

Low Energy Consumption
Long Lifespan for Machine and it’s Components
Low Maintenance Costs
Versatile Configuration
High Safety Standards
Full Control over Water Flow,
Throw and Droplet Size


Throwing Distance

Different problems and applications require different solutions. Our machines reach throwing distances from 8 meters up to 90 meters. Due to the different models we offer, an individual solution can be found for every problem.