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FT40 Water Mist Turbine for Stationary Fire Protection

Extinguishing Technology

With superior performance and high reliability, the FT40 water mist turbine is the ideal solution for precise and effective firefighting in stationary applications. With the FT40, you are ideally equipped to fight fires at an early stage and minimize the risk of damage.

The turbine offers a wide range of mounting and positioning options, including overhead, ceiling, roof and wall mounting. This flexibility allows the turbine to be optimally positioned depending on the situation and local conditions. With an increased working range and extended reach downwards, areas can be covered even more efficiently: The turbine can be positioned to save space without causing downward shading.

The right Choice: Why the FT40 significantly increases Fire Protection

The key component of the FT40 is its innovative water mist concept. In contrast to conventional extinguishing methods, water mist achieves a significantly higher cooling effect, which leads to faster and more efficient firefighting. The fine water droplets penetrate deep into the source of the fire and draw energy from it, reducing the ambient temperature more quickly.

The FT40 therefore goes far beyond pure fire protection efficiency. With optional features such as batteries for the emergency power supply and an additional nozzle ring for an even higher water mist volume, it offers a comprehensive solution that meets the individual requirements of every customer. Thanks to high-quality components and a robust design, the FT40 is not only powerful, but also reliable and durable.

The turbine is compatible with a wide range of detection systems and offers both fully automatic and manual control options. It can be adapted to the individual requirements of different areas of application, ensuring reliable firefighting.

Possible Variants for System Installation of the FT40

Assembly and positioning

  1. Fire extinguishing turbine ceiling mounting (e.g. beam/hall ceiling)
  2. Fire extinguishing turbine on wall bracket
  3. Fire extinguishing turbine on substructure
  4. Fire extinguishing turbine on tower

Technical Specifications


FT40 Visualisierung

Technical Specifications


Nominal voltage at 50 Hz 400 V
Nominal voltage at 60 Hz 480 V
Flow rate at 16 bar up to 6,000 l/min
Flow rate at 10 bar up to 4,600 l/min
Rotation speed (variable) 0.5 to 2 rpm
Nominal power of largest motor max. 12.5 kW
Turbine incline -91° to +31°
Turbine weight around 700kg
Swing 360
Propeller speed 2,910 rpm
Additional nozzle head, rim and monitor sizes
Control via MOD bus, CAN bus or up to 20 digital inputs
Sensors for position and pressure monitoring
Datasheet FT40 (159.26 kB) download
Fire Folder (3.84 MB) download

The Firefighting Turbine is excellent for the following Applications

Fields of Application

Our water mist turbines are particularly suitable for use in the following areas: Recycling centres and landfill sites, oil & gas industry, chemical industry, wood processing industry, transformer stations, as well as large storage and production areas or hangars with high fire loads.

Certified Fire Classes


Die FT40 is suitable for the following fire classes (according to EN 2):

  • A = solid fuels
  • B = liquid fuels
  • C = gaseous fuels
  • F = grease fires

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