Fire Fighting

and Metro Shafts

Firefighting in Tunnels and Metro Shafts

Fields of Application

Fighting fires in tunnel systems and metro shafts are usually both challenging and dangerous activities. The enormous amount of smoke and soot generated considerably hinders efforts to extinguish the blaze. Added to this is the extensive development of heat.

Our firefighting turbines have on many occasions already proven how effective they are in these areas. The water mist captures the smoke and the soot particles in the air and brings them down to the ground. The turbine also supports the tunnel’s existing ventilator system. The water is atomized and spread over a larger area, which results in a larger area for heat transportation. The development of heat around the burning object is reduced. 

The burning object is almost enveloped by the water mist, which deprives it of oxygen, thus suffocating the fire. The fire is rendered inert in a limited amount of space, and directly at its source.

Advantages of using firefighting turbines in tunnel systems and metro shafts:

  • Water mist has a high cooling effect. It can lower the temperature and protect the structure (for example, to prevent the roof of the tunnel from collapsing)
  • Increased safety for the fire crew (thanks to the remote control of the tracked fire truck and the use of water mist)
  • The firefighting turbine can also be used to ventilate the tunnel
  • It is also suitable for precipitating gases
  • With the help of the railway kit, the firefighting robot can quickly and easily be mounted on rails to support rail-mounted activities

These solutions are suitable for use in tunnel systems

Most Suitable Solution

Either a firefighting robot or a fire truck with a turbine is particularly well suited for working in tunnel systems. The fire truck can cool things down as it penetrates the tunnel, thus providing good backup for the fire crew. The firefighting robot also ensures more safety, because it can be remotely controlled up to a distance of 300 m.

Firefighting Robot on Rails


The firefighting robot can also be mounted on rails for use in tunnel systems. The fire crew can then work at a safe distance and are not in immediate danger.

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Further solutions

Working in tunnels and in metro shafts can be extremely dusty. We have developed special dust binding equipment that operates over different distances. Here you can see suitable solutions for use during the building of tunnels, and underground construction works.