Fire Fighting
Extinguishing Monitor & Spraying Nozzles

Extinguishing Technology of the automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Extinguishing techniques

The PumpContainer can be equipped with the following extinguishing devices, depending on the areas which need protection:

Each extinguishing medium has its own advantages. Water mist turbines are particularly suitable for large areas and areas with possible hidden fire sources. However, there are also areas where firefighting turbines do not make sense and monitors or spraying nozzles are more suitable.

Extinguishing Monitor

Extinguishing monitors can reach a point with precise coordination and extinguish in a targeted manner. This is especially important in the case of incipient fires in order to keep them under control immediately. Extinguishing monitors allow long ranges and can easily be connected with automatic fire detection systems as well as fire alarm control panels.

Extinguishing Monitors are suitable for:

  • Large halls
  • Bunker protection
  • Halls with ceiling height below 4 m

Spraying Nozzles

Spraying nozzles make sense, especially where protection against fires must be provided in hard-to-reach and small areas. These are mainly: conveyor belts, bunkers, enclosed areas, etc.

Spraying Nozzles are suitable for:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Bunker protection
  • Enclosed areas

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Every application and every customer needs an adapted solution - here you will find all elements of a fire extinguishing system. 

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