Fire Fighting
Fighting Fires with a Firefighting Robot
...for more safety

The firefighting robot TAF35 significantly raises the level of safety for the fire crew

  • Thanks to the remote control, they can remain at a distance of up to 300m
  • Water mist cools very efficiently, and the fire is more quickly extinguished
  • The turbine is also very efficient in areas where there are contaminating particles
  • Water mist is a safe method of extinguishing a fire in many situations
  • Improved extinguishing capability because the turbine can be height-adjusted, and tilted
  • Suitable for nebulizing water, foam, retarder and gel additives
  • There are only moderate noise levels, so there is no problem communicating with the fire crew while the device is in operation.

The firefighting robot is an excellent choice for the following areas of use:

Fields of Application

Thanks to its maneuverability, the ability to lift and tilt the turbine and its many options, the caterpillar-tracked vehicle is the ideal partner for demanding applications in many areas. For example chemical industry, tunnel systems, subway shafts, recycling plants, large halls, substations, urban areas, etc.

Overview of all available optionals


We have developed a range of extras to ensure that the firefighting robots can work in as many different areas as possible. One such extra is the rail mounted system, which allows the firefighting robot to operate on rails. 

Most important Technical Data

Firefighting Robot TAF35

Power 25 kW (shaft power)
Operational pressure water max. 16 bar
Water flow
- Mode for fine water mist (nozzle head and -ring) from 0 to 1.500 l/min
- Mode for high water flow from 0 to 4.700 l/min at 16 bar
(monitor and nozzle ring) from 0 to 4,000 l/min at 13 bar
Angle of inclination -22° bis 40°
Angle of rotation > 360°
Throwing distance in fine water mist mode up to 60 m
Throwing distance in highly flow rate mode up to 80 m
Gradeability (max 58 % (30°)
Lateral inclination (max) 27 % (15°)
Speed 0 - 9 km/h
Noise level (LpA at 10m safety distance) 84 dB(A)
Remote control distance up to 300 m
Datasheet firefighting robot TAF35 (147.25 kB) download
Datasheet US firefighting robot TAF35 (175.51 kB) download

Choice of monitor and nozzle head

Good to know

A monitor or nozzle head can be mounted inside the turbine. These can be attached and replaced at any time using a quick connection. 

These solutions might be of interest to you

Further solutions

Every application requires a customized solution. That is why our turbines can be stationary, as a complete system or operate as fire trucks. You can find out about the various uses of the turbine here.