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Firefighting in recycling plants and landfills

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Firefighting turbines offer recycling plants and landfill areas an effective and speedy form of fire protection.

Recycling plants and landfills are by their nature, prone to catch fire. On the one hand, they represent facilities that store a lot of flammable materials such as cardboard, paper or wood, which can self-ignite, and on the other, items such as batteries that are wrongly recycled can often result in igniting a fire.

Should it result in a serious situation, such a fire can render a lot of damage. The pockets of embers in the rubbish heap must be thoroughly extinguished to prevent it reigniting. It is necessary to completely dismantle the mountain of rubbish, piece by piece, to extinguish the burning embers with water and a carpet of foam.

Early detection of a fire and immediately extinguishing it can prevent, or at least minimize the damage.

We have developed a fast and effective solution for use in businesses prone to fire: the first stationary firefighting turbine with water mist – the FT10e. The turbine is fitted on the outside with a nozzle ring, which atomizes water into fine mist. This water aerosol is distributed using propellers and reaches over 50 meters in an atomized state and up to 75 meters as a full jet. Additional nozzles and a monitor can be fitted onto the inside of the turbine, which can be replaced at any time using a quick connector. 

Advantages of using stationary firefighting turbines in recycling plants and landfill sites:

  • The turbine intervenes immediately a fire occurs and can hinder the spread of the blaze until the local fire services arrive.
  • Water mist cools more efficiently and extinguishes the fire quicker than conventional methods, resulting in less fire damage and also less water damage.
  • When there is an emergency there is less volume of contaminated water that must be disposed of, therefore less cost for its disposal.
  • The turbine can easily be integrated into the existing fire alarm systems.
  • The FT10e can also control the spread of pollutants with the use of a water mist curtain.
  • If required, the FT10e can also be used for the selective binding of dust.

These solutions are suitable for use in recycling plants

Most Suitable Solution

The firefighting turbine, either as a stand-alone unit or part of a complete system provides efficient fire protection. The water mist generated by the turbine cools and quickly draws the heat out of the fire. It is possible to activate an automatic response via a connection with the local fire services. Find out more about the firefighting turbine here.

More effective using much less water


Water mist used for extinguishing fires has a higher cooling effect and at the same time requires less water. The finer the crops of water, the bigger the area they cover. For recycling plants, this means dampening down the flames using much less water. In the case of an emergency, this translates to less damage caused by the use of water.

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Further Solutions

Many activities in recycling plants generate a large amount of dust and unpleasant odors. We offer special dust control machines, and odor control machines that can operate over a range of distances. Here you can have an overview of our solutions that are suitable for recycling plants.