Dust Control
Special Solutions (Mobile)
Nautilus und DustCat

Special mobile solutions for every dust problem

Special situations require special solutions! That is why we offer our dust controllers as well on various superstructures: for example, as a turbine on an electric vehicle with caterpillars, or as a self-sufficient complete solution with water tank and generator.

Nautilus - the Autonomous All-in-One solution

Special mobile solutions

For maximum autonomy on construction sites or areas without water and electrical connections, our dust controllers are also available with a generator and/or water tank. This flexible All-in-One system, called “Nautilus”, is self-sufficient and keeps the dust under control in any situation.

The Nautilus solution can be assembled in three simple steps, depending on requirements and needs. One chooses:

  1. Dust Controller: V12s, V22
  2. Water Tank: sizes on request
  3. Generator:  to be selected according to the size of dust controller

Typical Applications:
Demolition, construction sites, open-pit mining, quarries and other applications where neither water nor electricity is available

DustCat - the Electrical Vehicle on Tracks

Special mobile solutions

Off-road capable, fully electric, highly efficient – the coolest vehicle for dust suppression is now available on the market: the DustCat. Equipped with a 5,000-liter tank and tracks, the DustCat is the perfect unit for dust suppression in mines or large outdoor areas with difficult terrain (such
as swampy or steep terrain).

Equipped with the powerful V22Orca turbine and its high throwing range of up to 90 meters, the DustCat covers easily large areas. In addition to the turbine, a spray bar with nozzles is installed at the rear end of the tracks, which moistens the soil and seals its open surface.

Knocking down emissions without generating any: the DustCat is zero emissions in perfection!

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Further solutions

Every dust problem needs its own solution. Our assortment ranges from small to medium to large throwing distances, to lances that can also be used inside or solutions that can be made individually for you on request. Here you can click through our products in the area "Dust":