Dust Control

Dust protection
at Construction sites

Dust Control at Construction Sites

Fields of Application

Large amounts of dust are stirred up in residential areas during demolition and construction activities. These dust particles, which are dangerous to the health of employees and residents need to be controlled.

The garden hose is often used on construction sites as soon as dust becomes a problem. By using this method, some areas are not reached at all or only reached to little effect. Other areas are flooded. The water drops produced by a hose are just too big to effectively binds with the dust particles. The construction site also becomes very muddy because a standard hose uses a lot of water.

We produce tailored solutions to control dust at construction sites. In doing this, we take into consideration the particular situation and location. The quiet V12s is very suitable for use in built-up residential areas. The self-sufficient Nautlus is the right choice if there is a shortage of power or water. 

The appropriate solution is decided upon during planning and consultation.

Advantages of using our solutions at construction sites

  • Our solutions use very little water. They don't leave behind mud and puddles but still bind dust very efficiently.
  • The amount of water used by many of our solutions can be adjusted remotely.
  • The moisture produced by the dust controller protects machinery such as excavators because the machinery is not left entirely covered in dust.
  • Our systems can be individually adapted to suit the respective needs, and as such represent a cost saving.
  • The dust control solution takes the health of employees into consideration thus ensuring a better working environment.

These solutions are ideal for dust control at construction sites

Most Suitable Solution

Mobile solutions are best suited for construction sites. The L3 lance is particularly popular because it is very light and can be repositioned by one person. The self-sufficient Nautilus is also ideal for construction sites. It is made up of a turbine on a platform and comes with its own water tank and generator.