We protect people around the world from emissions and fire 

Our Story and our Philosophy

About us

"We protect people around the world from emissions and fire "

The EmiControls milestones show you what we do, how we came to manufacture products in a range of different areas, where our name comes from, and why we do what we do.


Back Story

Our parent company (EmiControls is part of the TechnoAlpin Group) was founded in 1990. TechnoAlpin plans and builds turnkey snowmaking systems for ski resorts worldwide and has become the world market leader within a few years. There was also a desire to use the well-founded know-how gained in mechanical and plant engineering, and in how to use atomized water beyond the ski slopes.


Pro Air Solutions

TechnoAlpin launches the "Dust" division “Pro Air Solutions”. The DCT5, the first dust controller model, was developed, built and sold the same year. 



The "Pro Air Solutions" division becomes the subsidiary: EmiControls. The new name comes from the process of controlling emissions: as in Emission Control + s.

The first attempts to use the water mist turbine to extinguish fires follow in 2011 – and with success. EmiControls is expanded to include the new "Fire" division and introduces the firefighting turbine to the world of fire control.


Largest documented test to Extinguish Fire, using Water Mist

In Hungary, the largest attempt to date in Europe to document efforts to extinguish a fire using water mist is carried out when 2400 litres of fuel is ignited over an area of 160m², and the resulting flames are extinguished in just 30 seconds. Water mist with 1%AFFF foam is used for the test.


First Odor Controller

The telephone rings, and there is a French operator of a recycling plant on the line. He is having a problem with a neighbor who is complaining about the unpleasant odor from the plant. He is desperately looking for a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, until now there is no solution, but his call sparks the idea to develop a pure odor control machine. 

The first prototype is built in the same year, and tests by the University Politecnico di Milano confirm the elimination of up to 80% of the odor. The first machine is brought onto the market three years later (2017).


Cooperation with Magirus

EmiControls starts cooperating with Magirus and this results in the emergence of the AirCore brand. The aircore concept is based on the idea of ​​mounting the firefighting turbine on a movable sub-unit, such as a tracked vehicle, or fire truck.



A partner approaches EmiControls with the idea of ​​developing a machine for mechanical evaporation. The device is designed, constructed, and sold in the same year. The first model goes to Australia.


New Logo

EmiControls launches a new logo



The company continues to grow. Meanwhile, EmiControls is active in four different areas: Fire, Dust, Odor, and Evaporation.



EmiControls is adding a new area to its now wide-ranging repertoire. The Q-Container is being developed for preventive fire protection for electric vehicles and their batteries, in order to monitor them for a certain period of time and possibly intervene in a controlled manner.