Small Drops, Big Impact:
Fire Protection in E-Mobility

Fire protection for e-vehicles and its batteries

The management of electric cars and their batteries, especially following major accidents, is currently a very difficult and controversial topic, driven by fears related to the “thermal runaway” phenomenon. Guidelines for the management of such situations have recently been defined by automotive manufacturers.

This is exactly why EmiControls' fire protection solutions were developed: the quarantine containers are very well suited for preventive fire protection for e-vehicles and their batteries, which need to remain under control for a certain period of time. The isolation chambers are equipped with a detection system and react immediately in case of a possible ignition with the use of our specially developed fire extinguishing technology.


Here you can see the key benefits of our products

  1. Smart detection & protection 24/7
  2. Space-saving storage (up to 90%)
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. REI class certified
  5. No building permission needed
  6. Custom-made

We offer the following solutions for insulation of electric vehicles


EmiControls has unveiled the Q-Container, a system designed to facilitate the quarantine process for damaged or potentially damaged batteries and electric vehicles. The solution streamlines the management of quarantine procedures, while preventing any hazardous waste from being released into the environment.

How does the Q-Container work?


Watch the video to find out more about the possible equipment and how the quarantine container works.