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Fighting forest fires

Fields of Application

During forest fires, firefighters often face the problem of having to lay hoses right up to the source of the fire. The water in the fire engine usually doesn't last long enough, and it is difficult for aircraft to drop fire retardant agents from the air accurately.

In the case of forest fires, our firefighting turbines have a central advantage because they reduce water consumption. The nozzles on the turbine atomize the water into fine water mist, which covers a more significant area using less water. The water mist also cools very effectively and can fight fires faster. By using water mist, the amount of water in the fire truck tank is able to fight the fire over a much bigger area.

The firefighting turbine can be mounted on a 4x4 fire truck for use in fighting forest fires. This means that firefighters can reach the source of the fire very quickly, even over rough terrain, and can hinder further outbreaks.

Our firefighting turbines can also work with fire retardant materials. Since the turbine has an angle of inclination of between -20 and +50° degrees, and can also rotate 360°,  it is also possible to target the source of the fire more efficiently than from the air.

Advantages of using firefighting turbines for forest fires

  • Water mist has a high cooling effect
  • Thanks to the water mist technology, the turbine saves water compared to conventional methods.
  • Sources of fire can be better targeted because the turbine can incline and tilt
  • The combination of a 4x4 offroad vehicle and turbine allows firefighters to make progress even over rough terrain
  • The turbine is particularly suitable for preventing the spread of flames from the forest to urban areas
  • The turbine can be used to spread retarder optimally

These solutions are suitable for use in fighting forest fires

Most Suitable Solution

The best solution for forest fires is an offroad 4x4 fires truck fitted with a firefighting turbine. Thanks to the water mist technology, the firefighting turbine can fight the fire very efficiently, and with low water consumption. A stationary unit is also available for fire protection of the ecosystems and protected areas. 

Interval mode for forest fires


Two 4x4 fire trucks with turbines have been operating in Sardinia and Calabria since the summer of 2017. Initially, they were put in place for test purposes. Now they are an integral part of the fleet. The turbine was used in interval mode during the tests. This means the turbines were switched on and off at regular intervals, and also sprayed water mist on the source of the fire at intervals. The results were excellent. While working at the edge of the forest, a truck-mounted firefighting turbine was able to prevent the spread of flames to urban areas, working with very moderate water consumption.