Fire Fighting
AirCore - the mobile Solution for Fighting Fires
Magirus & EmiControls

The firefighting turbine combines the following 5 functions:

  1. higher cooling capacity and lower water consumption
  2. greater effectiveness proven in the abatement of harmful substances
  3. quicker, more efficient fire extinguishing, compared to traditional methods
  4. suitable also for producing foam
  5. ventilation

The mobile Solution: The Firefighting Robot "Magirus AirCore TAF35" and the Truck "Magirus AirCore MFT35-H" with Turbine

Water mist is a very versatile firefighting method. To increase safety of personnel involved, EmiControls and Magirus have installed the firefighting turbine on a mobile vehicle, which can either be a remote controlled firefighting robot or a truck.


“Magirus AirCore TAF35” Firefighting Robot

Since it is remote controlled, the “AirCore TAF35” firefighting robot can reach the origin of the fire directly without endangering the lives of personnel. Video cameras installed on the turbine and on the lower structure help control the robot, which is very manageable and easy to use. Also, the integrated incline function allows it to be raised up to four metres. 


Truck with turbine “Magirus AirCore MFT35-H”

The second AirCore variant is a truck with a firefighting turbine installed. Also in this case, safety is paramount: firstly, the truck driver can protect his colleagues from behind with a jet of water mist (for example, advancing in a tunnel where a fire is located); and secondly, in more critical situations, the vehicle can stay at a moderate distance, aided by the range of the turbine (80 metres). The turbine can be installed on a wide variety of vehicles or machines, including the lveco Daily 4×4.