Odor Control
The first real Odor Controller on the market

The first real odor controller on the market

Odor Control

The V12so is a turbine that has been specially developed for odor control. The nozzles produce a fine water mist, which is distributed over a wide area using a turbine. A dosing system mixes in substances that are able to neutralize unpleasant odors. Unpleasant odors emanating from a large-scale area can be dealt with using the turbine's throwing distance of up to 50 meters. Operating costs are extremely low compared to other solutions available on the market (biofilters, scrubbers, exhaust systems, etc.)

In what areas can you use the V12so?

Fields of Application

The V12so can be used in all areas that suffer from unpleasant odors, for example in recycling yards, composting plants, food sectors, water treatment plants or landfills. The V12so is also very suitable for the control of dust in enclosed areas such as halls, recycling plants or pits.

Odor control in composting and recycling plants


Recycling and composting plants are well known for generating unpleasant odors. To control the smell, it is simply not sufficient to just cover up the offending area. Instead, it is necessary to neutralize the unpleasant molecules that are causing the odor.

Most important Technical Data



Most important Technical Data


Throwing distance (up to) 30* / 50 m
Nominal power - turbine 3* / 11 kW
Nominal power - pump 0,75 kW
Sound pressure level LA 60* / 63 at 20m db(A)
Operating temperature 0° bis + 35°
Turbine tilt 0° bis +52°
Water flow 4 l/min
Swing (automatic) 360°
Water supply pressure 1 - 8 bar
Working pressure 70 bar
Tank additive 30 l
* at reduced speed
Data Sheet V12so (146.28 kB) download
Flyer Odor Controller V12so (321.03 kB) download
Data Sheet V12so Disinfection (98.71 kB) download

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