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Dust Control in Ports

Fields of Application

Extreme levels of dust can result from loading various types of material. Ports in dry or windy areas are especially prone to dust problems. The materials being loaded should not be made heavier, and they need efficient dust control solutions.

Large quantities of dust result from loading and storing various types of material. Processes such as sandblasting also produce a lot of dust, and can be dangerous for those working in the area. If the port is situated close to a city, it is essential to control the dust before the wind blows it in the direction of an urban area.

We create tailored solutions to control dust at loading and unloading stations. The right choice of products is adapted to the individual requirements of the respective materials, whether it is bulk materials, metal, coal or other materials. Water curtains, for example, control dust without leaving the material wet.

A decision is made regarding an appropriate solution during planning and consultation. 

The advantage of using our solutions in ports

  • Our solutions use little water, which ensures the goods are protected and do not get wet. The process, therefore, has no effect in the weight of the materials.
  • The amount of water used in solutions such as the V12s, V22, etc., can be adjusted remotely.
  • Thanks to new software, the entire unit can be monitored and controlled either from a central location or per smartphone. The machines can also be fitted with a camera.
  • Mobile solutions (turbine and lance) can be combined with fixed solutions (H2 system).
  • Our systems can be individually adjusted to suit the respective needs, and thus save costs.
  • The health of employees is considered, therefore creating a better working environment.

These solutions are suitable for dust control in ports

Most Suitable Solution

The right mix of solutions is necessary to control dust in ports. They should use as little water as possible, so materials are not damaged, but at the same time, they should effectively control dust. We can guarantee this mix with our range of solutions. Here you can see an overview of our products. 

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