Odor Control

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Neutralizing Odors with a Biological Solution – Areas of Use

Fields of Application

Our misting system is ideal for odor control, and for neutralizing large scale commercial and industrial odors. The misting system is exceptionally efficient in the area of waste, composting and recycling, whether solid or liquid materials.


The odor controller is especially useful as regards neutralizing unpleasant odors during the process of turning a compost heap. The V12so mobile turbine device can be easily and conveniently placed in the desired location, and is also simple to remove after the work has been completed.



Our solutions can help deal with unpleasant odors in recycling plants. The V12so turbine unit can also be used for selective dust control. It requires very little water and can, therefore, be safely used in the paper and wood sector without damaging these materials.


Other areas of use

Water treatment plants, industry, excavation, material processing, biogas plants and all other establishments that suffer from odor problems, or who want to avoid problems with the neighbors.


Odor control solutions

Most Suitable Solution

We have developed two different solutions for odor control: a mobile turbine unit and a stationary high-pressure system that can be flexibly adapted to suit the customer needs.