Dust Control
Selective and tailor-made dust suppression

Dust suppression with H2 System: selective and tailor-made dust abatement

Dust Suppression

It's finally here: the H2 system for local dust deposition. The new H2 series is a versatile high-pressure fogging system and, thanks to its modular design, can be flexibly adapted to the customer's needs (in terms of: degree of emission, place of use, quantity and property of the dust).

What makes the H2 system special is the fact that the tested and practice approved fogging technology, ensures extremely efficient dust suppression, but only requires a very small amount of water. This means: the dust is abated efficiently and cost saving – directly at the dust source, without forming puddles of water.

The H2 System was developed according to EmiControls product guidelines.


H2 Pump - Dust suppression in smaller plants

Solution 1

The H2 Pump has been specially designed for use in smaller plants and indoor areas. Equipped with industrial connectors (Harting), it can be installed quickly, easily and without errors. The available options such as automatic draining, heating, line cleaning and various nozzles kits ensure the best possible adaptation to the customer's needs. In addition, the H2 Pump is well equipped for working in harsh environments, thanks to the robust housing and the pressure and temperature sensors.


H2 Midi - Dust suppression in medium-sized plants

Solution 2

The H2 Midi is a complete solution consisting of two independent pumps, control cabinet, self-cleaning filters, automatic drainage and advanced software solution. It can independently supply water to up to 8 different application zones.

The H2 Midi impresses not only with its extreme flexibility of use and high efficiency in dust suppression, but also with its modern software. Each zone can be operated and controlled individually on the machine display. A calendar function gives additional autonomy and lets the H2 Midi start and stop automatically in the desired zones at the selected times of day and hour. Remote access within the network is also possible via a web interface.


H2 Multi - Dust suppression for larger sized systems

Solution 3

The H2 Multi is a larger version of the H2 Midi. With a double pump capacity, it can supply up to 16 different application zones
with water independently of each other and is therefore ideal for dust suppression in comparatively larger systems.

The pump equipment includes a choice of 3 or 4 independent pumps, a control cabinet, self-cleaning filters, automatic emptying and a modern software solution (compatible for integration of CURTpro). Each zone can be operated and controlled individually on
the machine display. Thanks to its robust design, pressure and temperature monitoring and, for example, the heating function, the H2 Multi is ideally equipped for working in harsh conditions.


H2 Hydro - Dust suppression for hydraulic systems

Solution 4

The H2 Hydro is especially designed for use in combination with hydraulic systems and for dust suppression in outdoor areas. With the possibility to be mounted directly on construction equipment, the H2 Hydro can guarantee extremely efficient dust suppression with water mist technology – right at the source, where the dust is generated and before it can even spread into the surrounding environment.

Thanks to its weather-resistent and robust design, the H2 Hydro is ideal for direct installation on outdoor dust sources, as for example, big moving machinery/devices around plants, especially crushers and excavators. There's no need for additional power supply. The immediate proximity to the dust source, makes dust suppression in this case extremy efficient with maximum results.

Which applications suit the H2 System?

Areas of Application

The H2 System is flexible and can be adapted to a range of needs. It is very well suited to work the following areas: handling of bulk materials, damping down streets and squares, harbors, open storage facilities, composting plants, crushers and transfer points on conveyor belts. 

The pump - the heart of the H2 System

  1. Premium quality tapered roller bearings.
  2. Connecting rods in a special bronze alloy with excellent low-friction and mechanical performance.
  3. Nickel-plated brass pump head for added protection against chemicals.
  4. Crankcase in pressure die-cast aluminum alloy with a paint treatment that increases the corrosion resistance.
  5. Extended back cover to contain a larger amount of oil and ensure a better lubrification. Magnetic discharge oil cap to attract all microscopic metal particles arising from heavy-duty usage.
  6. Ceramic plungers. Special machining for plungers guide aimed at reducing the risk of oil leaks.
  7. Long-life double sealing system to ensure longer duration and prevent water leakage.

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