In the past 10 years, we have realized many interesting projects around the globe. Here you can find a small excerpt of the most exciting implementations and customers - both for fire protection and fire fighting.

Stationary Fire Protection

For stationary fire protection, we offer various solutions such as turbine, pump container or monitor. Here is an overview of the most important references.

Blue-River-Recycling Löschturbine FT10e

Blue-River-Recycling: A costumised fire protection solution 

Blue-River-Recycling GmbH, is located in Papenburg, Lower Saxony (DE). The very compact system design and the storage of material with a high fire load were an additional challenge that made it necessary to develop a customised solution and ultimately a high-quality design for the fully automatic extinguishing system.

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Fire protection system for wood processing company Witholz in Germany

To protect its factory buildings, the German wood processing company Witholz in Witznau has equipped a fire protection system with EmiControls' highly efficient water mist turbines.

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Automatic extinguishing system for Noris Entsorgung (Germany)

An innovative extinguishing system with water mist turbines now protects the new RDF hall of Noris in Hannover. A total of five FT10e fire-fighting turbines, a fire extinguishing system, and three PYROsmart infrared systems were installed in the storage and production areas.

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Extinguishing system for Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH (Austria)

To protect their storage areas, Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH has chosen the innovative FT10e fire-fighting turbines and installed a total of two in the outdoor area.

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Automatic extinguishing system for Recycling company Parentin (Germany)

After a major fire, Parentin Recycling GmbH protects its business with an up-to-date automatic extinguishing system from EmiControls and an automatic early fire detection system from Orglmeister.

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Fire Container in England (UK)

We have equipped various companies in England with monitor our fire container for the water supply of the fire protection system.


Ecorek in Sicily (Italy)

An FT10e firefighting turbine is located on the roof of the recycling facility to cover the outdoor paper storage area.

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Rekogest in Sicily (Italy)

The partner company Rekogest also covers its outdoor area with an FT10e turbine. In summer, it is also used for cooling. 

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Santini in Bolzano (Italy)

The recycling plant protects its critical zones with an FT10e fire fighting turbine.

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PRS Premium Recycling in Frankfurt (Germany)

The FT10e fire fighting turbine was installed in the wood recycling area of this Frankfurt plant.

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Mobile Firefighting


Firefighting robots in China

In order to better protect the densely populated state of China from fires, the government has been pushing the development and use of innovative firefighting solutions (be it stationary as well as mobile) for years. This trend is reflected in the high number of extinguishing robots sold by us to China. For more info on the areas of application follow the link.

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Austrian Power Grid AG - Volunteer Fire Department Zurndorf

The second extinguishing robot AirCore TAF35 has been delivered to Austrian Power Grid AG in 2021. From now on, the Zurndorf volunteer fire department will ensure fire protection at APG's local substation. 

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Austrian Power Grid AG - Volunteer Fire Department Völkermarkt
A new 380/220 kV transformer was purchased at the Obersielach substation in 2017. As the large transformer is filled with around 70 tons of oil, it must be cooled quickly and, above all, efficiently in the event of a fire. The heart of the extinguishing concept is the Magirus Aircore TAF35. 

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Wacker Chemie

The fire department of the Wacker chemical plant in Upper Bavaria has two Magirus AirCore firefighting robots in its fleet.

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