Dust Control

Dust protection
in quarries and open-pit mines

Dust Control in Quarries and other Open-Pit Activities

Fields of Application

Operators of open-pit activities, and especially in quarries, are often faced with the challenge of a high volume of dust over large areas. If there is a wind or if conditions are very dry, then this dust can affect not only their employees but often also entire residential areas in the vicinity of the plant.

Many individual operations in open-cut mining result in the generation of dust. This primarily occurs during loading and unloading operations, with crushers, and during loading material onto conveyor belts. 

The main problem is that dust occurs over an extensive area in open-cut mines and especially in quarries. The dust problems generated by the various different types of work must be controlled using just the right amount of water. Some areas, like conveyor belts, should not get wet at all. 

We can be very flexible in our approach to the particular problem because we have both mobile and stationary solutions for dust control. The H2, a high-pressure misting system, is exceptionally versatile because it can be customized to suit the needs of the customer. Our dust controllers with a long throw are also ideal for quarries and open-cut mines. Mobile machines can be adjusted easily, and can, therefore, be used for dust control at various sources.

Since many quarries are large-scale and have different dust problems, it often requires a combination of stationary and mobile solutions. In these cases, we take over the complete project management from initial survey to planning, installation and for supervision after commissioning.

Advantages of using our solutions in quarries and other types of open-pit mining

  • Our systems can be individually adapted to the respective needs
  • Mobile solutions (turbine and lance) can be combined with fixed solutions (H2 system)
  • Includes potential for contact-free, i.e., it is possible to set impulses to allow the device to start and stop (e.g., photocells, ultrasound, weather station, etc.)
  • Thanks to new software, the entire system can be monitored and controlled from a central location or via smartphone; the machines can also be equipped with a camera
  • The software is individually expandable (e.g., with a link to the weather service, which can be set so that the machine turns in the wind, turns off in the rain, etc.)
  • Our solution has individual settings and saves costs
  • The health of employees is promoted and ensures a better working atmosphere

These solutions are suitable for dust control in quarries

Most Suitable Solution

Every company is as diverse as its dust problem: large areas require solutions with a wide throwing range (V22), crushers need stationary solutions (H2 system), and mobile solutions (V12s, V7, L3) are most suited to loading operations. Here is an overview of the most suitable solutions.

The individual solution: the H2 system

H2 System

Our H2 solution is a stationary system consisting of different modules. This makes the system very flexible, and it can be tailored to the needs of each customer. Some important factors here are the degree of emission, location, and amount and type of dust.