Odor Control

of unpleasant Odor

Odor Control with Biological Fluid and Turbine

Many recycling yards, composting facilities, and landfills experience problems with unpleasant odors. We have developed an innovative solution for this problem: a misting system to suppress odors. 

The idea to construct odor controllers came to us after we were contacted by a recycling yard in France. The owner was looking for a solution to an odor problem after neighbors in the area had made a complaint. Since there was still no suitable solution on the market, we set ourselves the goal of developing the first pure odor controllers. The basis for this was a dust controller, which we then fitted with a dosing pump.

In 2014, the “Politecnico di Milano” University proved that our solutions can neutralize between 60-80% of unpleasant odors according to UNI EN 13725 standards. An excellent result.

Here you can see the most important advantages of our products

  • Our solutions neutralize 60-80% of unpleasant odors (according to standard: UNI EN 13725)
  • The turbine is the only solution on the market that can automatically combine the odor bonding agent
  • Our solutions also work with ammonia
  • Our solutions can be used in many different areas (food industry, industry, sewerage treatment plants, etc.)
  • The odor bonding agent we use is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment
  • We will advise you before, during and after your purchase
  • We have a very well-functioning, worldwide after-sales service
  • Spare parts are available worldwide within 3 working days
  • Two years warranty

We offer the following solutions for odor control


In the meantime, we have developed two different solutions: a mobile turbine unit and a stationary high-pressure system, which can be flexibly adapted to customer needs.

Areas of application for the odor controller

Fields of Application

Our products, whether mobile or stationary, are ideal for eliminating odors in many areas. To name a few: waste, composting, recycling, water treatment, catering, food production, rubber industry, etc.

How does odor control work?


The water is mixed together with the special biological solution and is atomized using the nozzles. The combination of water mist and the special solution then binds with the unpleasant-smelling molecules and neutralizes the odor. The solution used is organic and is harmless to humans, animals or the environment. The mixture produced is in the form of a light spray (droplet size of a diameter of about 10/20µm), which remains suspended in the air and does not form any puddles.