Optionals for our Dust Controllers

Our dust controllers can be equipped with a wide range of optionals to guarantee maximum adaptability for all types of situations. A panoramic summary of available optionals and configurations for our dust controllers is presented here as follows:

Heating Kit for Winter Use

makes dust abatement possible, even in temperatures as low as -10° C

To guarantee effective dust abatement the entire year, the heating kit for winter use is now available. The Kit ensures that all the dust controller tubing is insulated and heated, permitting operations at temperatures as low as -10° C.

Submersible Pump

enables the use of water from basin or tank

If the dust controller is to be supplied with water from a basin or tank, it requires a submersible pump. With the help of the submersible pump, the water is sucked in and can be fed into the dust controller. The submersible pump can be easily connected and disconnected from the machine.

Removable Control Panel

enables installation of the machine display in a different location

It is possible to remove the control panel of our dust controllers and to install it permanently in a new place. This is especially interesting when machines are installed in places that are difficult to access or are operated from another room.

GSM Modem

forwards error messages to the smartphone in real time

The GSM modem transmits error messages of the machines in real time to smartphones via SMS.