Optionals for our Dust Controllers

Our dust controllers can be equipped with a wide range of optionals to guarantee maximum adaptability for all types of situations. A panoramic summary of available optionals and configurations for our dust controllers is presented here as follows:

CURT - Control Software

totally automated software for monitoring and controlling dust abatement machines and systems

With CURT it is possible to monitor and control all the dust controller machinery in a system. If certain processes normally generate dust, parameters can be inserted for automatic activation and deactivation of the system.

These inputs are, for example: time control based on a calendar, various atmospheric conditions (wind, rain, temperature, humidity), ultrasound, photocell, dust sensor or electronic nose.

The video demonstrates how CURT activates the fixed H1 system as the truck passes through the photocell.

Additional information

The All-in-One solution: Nautilus

Dust controller with water tank + generator / only generator / only water tank

To guarantee maximum autonomy in the work site, we also supply our dust controller machines combined with water tanks, generators or both. The flexible all-in-one system provides efficient dust control in any situation, without depending on water and electrical connections.

Turbine on Trailer

for simplified transport

If the dust controller requires frequent transport, for example, when used for demolitions, the turbine on a trailer is an excellent solution. In fact, it can be easily transported from one place to another, with very low transport costs.

Photo: Im-Hof

Turbine on Lift

for an elevated position

If the turbine requires an elevated position for improved dust control in the area in question, we have the option to put the machine on a 6m lift.

Turbine on Machine Carrier

the fixed solution

The turbine on a support structure is the most suitable solution if you need the dust controller at a fixed position - means if the position of the dust controller is never or almost never altered.

Turbine on Undercarriage

the mobile solution

If it is necessary to use the turbine in different locations, the undercarriage version is the most suitable. Thanks to wheels, the dust controller can be easily moved, ensuring flexible use.

Heating Kit for Winter Use

makes dust abatement possible, even in temperatures as low as -10° C

To guarantee effective dust abatement the entire year, the heating kit for winter use is now available. The Kit ensures that all the dust controller tubing is insulated and heated, permitting operations at temperatures as low as -10° C.

Turbine on a Truck

ideal for use in large systems

The so-called Fogger Truck* is composed of a truck tank and two V22 turbines. The truck offers total load capacities of 160,000 litres of water, and is therefore especially suitable for use in mines, for dampening roads and other uses on large surface areas.

* In collaboration with our partner "Ground Force Worldwide"