Dust Control
Mobile and Stationary Solutions for successful Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression and Dust Abatement using Water Mist with a Turbine

Dust Suppression

Dust suppression with water mist is a successful way to limit unwanted dust emissions. This is especially useful in industries where it is necessary to comply with certain limits. At the same time, it also improves working conditions for employees and supports the longevity of machinery.

Dust refers to the distribution of fine particles of solid substances in the air, which are caused by mechanical processes or general whirling of dust. Airborne dust particles have a negative impact on people, the environment and the equipment being used.

Our solutions for dust suppression create a fine water mist that moistens the dust particles, makes them heavier, and brings them down to the ground. An essential aspect of this process is to produce the right size of droplets. Droplets that are too large, like those created by a conventional hose only have low levels of dust control. The available surface area is smaller, and the drops are heavier. Thus, they just float in the air for a short time, which significantly reduces the possibility of binding with the dust. If, however, the droplets are too small, they can be blown away with the wind and no longer reach their target.

Our strength lies in the fact that we can atomize water into a wide variety of droplet sizes (between 10-100 μm). As a result, our dust binders can handle any dust problem and can adapt to a whole range of conditions. Above all, it is essential for successful dust suppression to find the right mix between efficient binding of dust and protection of the goods located in the same area (for example, recycled objects must not be made soaking wet in a recycling plant. We can achieve this with our machines.

Always one step ahead


Ongoing research and development have inspired us to create a new generation of turbines. The innovative materials and refined aerodynamics of the blades ensure:

  • better performance with the same energy consumption
  • more silence


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Other important advantages of our solutions are:

  • Energy efficient
  • It is possible to adjust the amount of water by remote control
  • The turbine’s throwing distance can be adjusted by remote control
  • The machines all work without a pump when the water pressure is high enough
  • this saves money and prevents power shortages
  • We give you advice, before, during and after the purchase
  • We have a very well-functioning, worldwide after-sales service
  • Spare parts are available worldwide within three working days
  • Two years guarantee

We offer the following solutions for dust suppression


The atomization of the water into small droplets creates a large surface that optimally binds the dust particles that are present. More dust can be bound using less water. This principle is identical in all our dust control systems - regardless of whether they are mobile dust-binding machines, individual spraying systems or an entire system.

Areas of application for dust suppression

Fields of Application

Our comprehensive range of dust controllers provides a solution for almost all dust problems, and in the most diverse areas. The remote-controlled operation of the machines also ensures quick and easy handling and a direct adaptation to suit wind direction, temperature, and humidity. Different solutions or a combination of the products are used, depending on the area of application.

Efficiency of dust suppression


The nozzle head fitted to the inside of the turbine creates a very fine water mist that is well protected from side winds. The principle of dust control works like this: the water mist droplets combine with dust particles of equal or similar size. Since our dust controllers have a wide range of different sizes of water mist droplets (10-100μ), they can capture almost any dust in the ambient air. The dust control takes place without using any additives.

The control software facilitates simple operation with either the push of a button or by remote control. It is, therefore, possible to activate and control the system without any delay.

Video Dust

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