Dust Control

We protect our customers from dust and its consequences

Dust Control

Small Drops, Big Impact: Dust-Management

Dust Control

Small Drops, Big Impact: Dust-Management

Dust Suppression and Dust Abatement to reduce emissions

Dust Suppression

The topic of dust suppression has become enormously important in the last years – on the one hand, due to stricter requirements imposed by the authorities and on the other hand due to increasing environmental awareness.

At EmiControls we not only fight dust through competent consulting, plant engineering, and implementation of dust control systems but also offer a decisive added value for your company:

  • Cost and time savings: maximum results thanks to minimum use of resources
  • Happy employees, safe working conditions, and satisfied neighbors
  • Better image thanks to the implementation of sustainable measures

For more than 10 years we have been helping customers all over Europe to suppress dust emissions. We are happy to be walking this important path with you as well.

Dust Abatement with Water Mist

Dust suppression with water mist is a successful way to limit unwanted dust emissions. This is especially useful in industries where it is necessary to comply with certain limits. At the same time, it also improves working conditions for employees and supports the longevity of machinery.

Our solutions for dust suppression create a fine water mist that moistens the dust particles, makes them heavier, and brings them down to the ground. An essential aspect of this process is to produce the right size of droplets. Droplets that are too large, like those created by a conventional hose only have low levels of dust control. The available surface area is smaller, and the drops are heavier. Thus, they just float in the air for a short time, which significantly reduces the possibility of binding with the dust. If, however, the droplets are too small, they can be blown away with the wind and no longer reach their target.

Plant engineering: tailor-made dust suppression system

Plant engineering

Behind every well-functioning plant stands an excellent planning as well as consulting team. At EmiControls, nothing is left to chance: before we start a project, we personally visit the site and provide our customers with competent and professional advice.

Once the problem has been evaluated, we work hard to find the right solution. Our project management team starts with the planning of the system and, in constant exchange with our customers, finalizes the plans and then organizes the installation of the plant on schedule.

After a successful briefing and handover of all necessary documents, the plant will be commissioned.


Solutions for Selective Dust Suppression

Selective Dust Suppression

If dust can be traced back to a small, direct source (e.g. at the dumping point on conveyor belts), we speak of selective dust suppression. For this purpose, we have various solutions that can be applied directly to the source and thus knock down the dust right where it is generated. The solutions for selective dust suppression are also suitable for use in indoor areas.


Solutions for Large-Scale Dust Suppression

Large-Scale Dust Suppression

If the source of the dust cannot be traced back to a direct source (e.g. in the area of a quarry), we speak of a large-scale dust accumulation. This requires solutions that, on the one hand, humidify the air in the affected area and bring the dust to the ground, and on the other hand, seal the ground surfaces to prevent the dust from rising.


Management Software CURT


The management software CURT can monitor all dust controllers and associated components of a plant and controls them independently in real-time – at the click of a mouse.

CURT reacts to the following inputs:

  • Time control with calendar function
  • Various weather conditions such as wind, rain, temperature, humidity
  • Light barrier

Areas of application for dust suppression

Fields of Application

Our comprehensive range of dust controllers provides a solution for almost all dust problems, and in the most diverse areas. Different solutions or a combination of the products are used, depending on the area of application.


Automated plants

Thanks to automated and efficient solutions, our customers achieve maximum results with minimum use of resources. This saves costs and time.

  • The machines can be controlled from the office thanks to CURT software.
  • Thanks to interfacing with a meteo station, the machines switch on or off automatically based on predefined weather conditions such as wind strength, wind direction, temperature and humidity.
  • Employees are not disturbed in their work processes.
  • The machines only run when necessary. This saves water and energy.