Dust Control

Tunnel Construction
and Underground Mining

Dust Control in Tunnel Construction and Underground Mining

Fields of Application

Dust can pose a threat to employees especially in closed areas such as tunnel construction and underground mining. Successful dust control is very beneficial for the crew and also for the machinery they use. 

Dust in tunnel construction not only pollutes workers' respiratory tracts; it also impairs the visibility, which in turn increases the level of potential danger. The technical equipment deployed can also be negatively affected by the dust load, which can reduce the service life of the machinery.

It is also necessary to keep the noise levels to a minimum because work is carried out in confined spaces. That is why smaller devices, such as the lance, are particularly suitable for dust control during tunneling activities. The lances have a large angle of inclination, are lightweight and can be transported and positioned by just one person. 

The appropriate solution is decided upon during planning and consultation. 

Advantages of our solutions for tunnel construction

  • We can supply smaller machines, for example, the L3 Lance, which is portable and can be easily repositioned (one person can carry out these tasks without any additional equipment)
  • We have solutions that have a very low level of noise, which is very important in a confined space
  • Machines such as excavators are protected because the process of continually working with water mist means they don’t get dusty.
  • Our systems can be individually adapted to suit the respective needs.
  • Our solutions are cost saving, thanks to the individual settings
  • The health of employees is taken into consideration, which ensures a better working environment. 

These solutions are suitable for dust control in tunnel construction and underground mining

Most Suitable Solution

As a rule, smaller solutions are needed to control dust in tunnel construction and underground mining, some of which can easily be repositioned when necessary. Low noise solutions for closed areas are also clearly beneficial. Here you can see an overview of the most suitable solutions for tunnel construction and underground mining.

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Further solutions

Dust is not the only problem during tunnel construction. Often there is also a high level of unpleasant odors. Fire protection is also an important topic. Here you can find more information about both topics.