Dust Control
The first Dust Controller for extreme weather conditions

The hybrid dust controller for control of dust in both summer and winter (up to -25°)


The V22Orca is a dust control machine, which has been specially developed for cold countries. When dust can no longer be controlled with water mist due to the icy temperatures, the V22Orca immediately produces snow – an absolute market innovation. Until now there have been several solutions available, which have normal snowmaking ability. But this snow is too dry to bind efficiently with dust. Snow cannons don't work in the summer because on the one hand they need too much water, and on the other, they produce droplets of water that are too big. They are also not built to be stable enough to be used as a mobile application (for example, mounted on a truck). Also, dust controllers with built-in heaters are stretched to their limit when they reach a certain minus degree of temperature and then produce only freezing rain. 

The V22Orca guarantees efficient dust control throughout the year.

In principle, it is possible to call this hybrid solution an extreme machine, which in summer operates without problems up to temperatures of +40° using water mist, and in winter it efficiently controls dust with snow down to -25°

Winter mode: snow, -25° to 0°
Summer mode: water mist, 0° to +40°

The V22 Orca switches automatically to winter mode and produces snow in order to fight the dust. When this happens, the blue LED comes on.


For what areas of application is the V22Orca most suited?

Fields of Application

The V22Orca was specially developed for the northern countries and countries with extreme weather. It is especially suitable for all kinds of industries, demolition works, ports, loading facilities, mining and open pit mining. 

Most important Technical Data


Throwing distance (up to) 70-90 m
Nominal power - turbine 22 kW
Nominal power - pump 11 kW
Sound pressure level LA 70 at 20m db(A)
Operating temperature -25° to +40°
Turbine tilt -10° to +40°
Water flow 50 - 324 l/min
Swing (automatic) 350°
Water supply pressure 2 - 5 bar
4 independent water ways
Datasheet V22Orca (178.29 kB) download
Flyer V22Orca (1,019.35 kB) download

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