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Dust protection
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Controlling Dust in Recycling and composting Plants

Fields of Application

Unpleasant and sometimes harmful dust is often generated in many areas of the recycling process, and this affects those who live nearby but also especially those employed in the plant. 

Recycling- and composting plants can produce harmful dust and odors as a result of storage, shredding and sorting of the various products. This results in an extremely unpleasant working environment, and can also partly represent a risk to the health of the employees. Problems with those who live in the general area are also pre-programmed. Because of this, legislators are increasingly requiring measures for the control of dust either in the form of mobile devices or permanently installed systems.

We select the appropriate dust control system for our customer after taking into consideration the nature, condition, and size of the recycling operation. The local conditions determine whether there is a need for a fixed installation made up of various nozzle systems, a mobile unit, or a combination of both to control the dust generated effectively. 

The mobile units have the advantage that they can be easily repositioned and can always be placed in areas where they are needed. Fixed units are particularly suitable for attachment to conveyor belts, sieves or sources of dust inside machines or hard to reach areas.

Recycling plants sometimes cover a big area and can result in a range of dust problems. Often this requires a combination of stationary and mobile solutions. 

Advantages of using our solutions in recycling plants

  • Our systems can be individually adapted to suit specific needs.
  • The amount of water used in solutions like the V12s, V22, and others, can be remotely adjusted.
  • The recycled materials are protected, and they are not left wet and therefore heavier because our solutions use little water.
  • Our solutions use less power than other products.
  • Thanks to new software, the entire system can be monitored and controlled from a central location. The machines can also be equipped with a camera.
  • Our solutions have individual settings, so they save costs.
  • The health of employees is taken into consideration, which ensures a better working environment.

These solutions are suitable for dust control in recycling plants

Most Suitable Solution

The right machines should be selected according to the size of the recycling plant. Here you can see an overview of the most suitable solutions.

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