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Quarantine and monitoring process of the Q-Container

Water mist technology

The Q-Container guarantees safe and fully automatic monitoring of electric cars with the following steps:

  1. Initial Situation: Damaged/potentially damaged vehicle.
  2. Loading: The vehicle is placed inside the Q-Container through different options.
  3. Quarantine: The Q-Container is in monitoring mode. The vehicle stays for the required quarantine time in accordance with the manufacturer's directives (normally 24-72h).
  4. Emergency: The detection system detects an event and activates the defined procedures.
  5. Cool-down: The vehicle is flooded up to a preset water level to allow the battery pack to cool down and minimize damage. Start of “advanced” quarantine.
  6. Water drainage: The water of the flooded container is drained.
  7. Safe: The vehicle has completed the prescribed quarantine period, self-ignition is no longer likely.

How does the Q-Container work?


Watch the video to find out more about the possible equipment and how the quarantine container works.


About the Technical Quarantine Area (TQA)

Fire protection concept

A TQA is designed to safely park a car with a potentially damaged lithium-ion battery in such a way that, if a vehicle fire breaks out, it can be prevented from spreading to surrounding objects (vehicles, buildings, etc.).

In addition, potential leaks of operating fluids from the battery that could pose a risk to the environment are contained. The quarantine zone is not intended to prevent fires, but rather to contain them.

TQA recommended requirements:

  • Outdoor location with sealed surface
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire Protection Spec’s (EN 13501)
  • Contaminated water retainer
  • 5m Distance from Each Vehicle Side: Model Building Code (MBO) § 30

Extinguishing capacity

Working principle

Water is the most efficient and manageable medium for putting out and controlling fires in HV battery packs or electric automobiles, as has been proven and verified by major fire experts and departments.


We offer the following solutions for insulation of electric vehicles


EmiControls has unveiled the Q-Container, a system designed to facilitate the quarantine process for damaged or potentially damaged batteries and electric vehicles. The solution streamlines the management of quarantine procedures, while preventing any hazardous waste from being released into the environment.