Fire Fighting

Chemical industry
and refinery

Firefighting systems in Chemical Industries and Oil Refineries

Fields of Application

Fires in chemical industries and refineries often mean increased danger for employees, residents in the area and also for the firefighters. Our firefighting turbines operate with water mist and are not only more efficient in extinguishing and cooling; they have also been proven to work well as regards to the precipitation of pollutants.

Swift, effective action is required when working in chemical industries and refineries to prevent major damage in and around the plant. A significant advantage of our firefighting turbines working in this area is the faster ‘knock-down’ of the flames. 

The turbine produces a fine water mist, which when compared to conventional monitors, is shown to have a higher extinguishing effect. By atomizing the water into water mist, the individual drops form a larger water surface and therefore can cool more effectively while extracting heat from the fire. The fine drops also move through the room in an almost gaseous form and can reach places which would not be accessible to an extinguishing jet. 

The use of turbines with extinguishing foam has proved to be a very efficient solution for refineries. This also reduces the amount of water used to extinguish the blaze, which must be later cleaned up after the fire at considerable expense. 

Advantages of using firefighting turbines in chemical industries:

  •  A proven high level of efficiency regarding the precipitation of pollutants
  • An excellent extinguishing effect, thanks to the high cooling effect
  • The turbines can lay a blanket of foam over a burning object using a foam mixture and thus suffocate the flames
  • Water mist can envelop objects and reach into hidden sources of fire
  • Gentle foam application
  • Firefighting turbines can cool objects thanks to the use of water mist

These solutions are well suited for use in chemical industries and refineries

Most Suitable Solution

Thanks to the use of water mist, the effective and very maneuverable, remotely controlled firefighting robot provides better safety when used in refineries.  Valuable time can also be saved by the installation of a stationary solution. In this case, individual firefighting turbines are installed at places of potential danger and, in case of fire, these can be activated automatically, or at the push of a button.

Gas precipitation with a firefighting turbine


As they produce water mist, firefighting turbines are also excellent in dealing with the fallout of pollutants. Extensive testing has demonstrated that our technology enables the generation of large-scale aerosol barriers. These so-called water curtains can be used in large production plants, and within the boundaries of a factory, to deal with the precipitation of pollutant particles. 

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Further solutions

Many areas of activity in industries often generate large quantities of dust. We also offer special dust control machines, which can operate effectively over a range of distances. You can see an overview of our solutions for a variety of industrial uses here.