Dust Control

Dust protection
for demolition sites

Dust Control Demolition Site

Fields of Application

A large amount of dust is inevitable in any kind of demolition work. Dust is especially problematic and requires an efficient solution when the demolition site is in the inner city area.

Demolition work and the resulting dust become a significant problem for people and the environment, especially if it is conducted in inhabited areas. Until now, very often just a simple hose was used to control the dust. The problem with this system is that the drops of water produced are too big to bind with the dust particles, and puddles of water also form on the ground. Anyone operating the hose is also likely to be directly in the danger zone because the hosepipe has a limited reach.  That is not only inefficient, it also does not meet safety standards.

We can respond to all demolition requirements with our comprehensive range of dust control solutions, and we can help you protect residents, facades and the environment. Our mobile solutions are particularly suitable for this because they are easy to transport and can be repositioned quickly. Should the source of the dust shift, the dust controller is moved into the new optimal position. Puddles can be avoided because very little water is used. The machine is easily removed from the site after the work has been completed.

The integrated swivel capability of the turbine and its inclination means it can cover a large area.

Advantages of using our solutions for demolition work

  • The quantity of water for the turbine can be adjusted by remote control and adapted to suit the volume of the dust
  • The turbine and lance head can rotate automatically  - Our machines are robust and specially designed and built for the sometimes harsh conditions on construction sites
  • All our solutions can be operated by remote control (up to 100 m range) - so it is not necessary to have anyone in the danger zone
  • Companies that ensure a clean demolition have a competitive advantage, as they can comply with stricter legal framework conditions
  • The health of employees is fostered thus creating a better working atmosphere

These solutions are suitable for dust control during demolition work

Most Suitable Solution

In principle, all our machines can be used for dust control during demolition work. The right machine is always individually adapted to the needs of the customer. Decisive factors are the size of the construction site and the amount of dust. Some of our most popular solutions involve the use of the L3 lance: it is convenient, can be easily repositioned and has a GEKA connection. The Nautlius is also a good choice because it has its own power and water supply.