Fire Fighting
Detection & Visualization

Detection, Control and Visualization of the fire Extinguishing System

In addition to the pump container and extinguishing device, an automatic fire extinguishing system consists of a detection device (e.g. infrared system, flame or smoke detector) as well as a clearly arranged control system and visualization. 

Detection Technology

A reliable detection is required for automatic activation of the extinguishing system. In many areas, the use of infrared detection is advantageous because fires can be detected and fought at an early stage. Infrared detectors can detect and localize fire hazards at an early stage and directly control targeted automatic extinguishing attacks. The camera regularly scans the surface and detects dangerously hot surfaces. This information is passed on to the extinguishing medium with precise coordinates. The system is able to decide independently whether the source of the problem is an imminent fire or another source of heat (e.g. a vehicle with a hot muffler or other sources of heat generated in everyday operation).

Other detection systems such as flame detectors and smoke detectors can also be used.


Control & Visualization

The detector transmits the alarm signals to the extinguishing control panel. Depending on the design of the system, it can provide a complete thermal visualization or display important data on an information panel. The extinguishing control panel is used to monitor and control the EmiControls fire extinguishing system. It has a modular structure and is equipped with an LED panel with key switch, an interactive graphic panel and the respective network, input and output cards to monitor all signals of the fire detection and extinguishing system and to control the latter.

In picture: Everything in sight: thermal all-round view of fire hazards with patented technology.


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