Options for our firefighting robot TAF35

Railway Kit

More efficient in tunnels, subway systems and in clearing operations

More efficient in tunnels, subway systems and in clearing operations

In order to operate quickly and safely when working in tunnels or subways, you can now rely on a rail-mounted TAF system. To this end, the front and rear of the vehicle are fitted with rail wheels that can be unfolded with ease:
With the help of the remote control, you can steer the firefighting robot onto the track, position the front wheels, adjust the tracks and then set the rear wheels in place. In this way, a single person can prepare the TAF so that it is ready for use on the rail within 30 seconds.

Approaching the track from uneven ground or a meadow is not an issue, since the TAF drive is located on the tracked vehicle, making it move with ease on wet rails. In addition, its enormous traction can be used for logistical purposes such as clearing operations.

Technical data of the rail mounting at a glance:
• Speed of up to 9km/h
• Can be rerailed quickly, within 30 sec
• Remote controlled
• A single person can rerail the tracked vehicle without much physical effort
• Very high traction
• Flexible when rerailing: no need for a flat approaching ground

ⓘ EmiControls holds a worldwide patent for the rail mounting.

Euro Frame

Lets you connect all Euro-tools to the TAF

With the Euro frame, the TAF35 is even more versatile than before. In order to connect different devices to your firefighting robot, such as a shovel or pallet fork, we have developed a universal interface: the so-called Euro frame, which complies with European standards.

The frame consists of 2 bars fitted with a Quick-Lock system enabling the equipment to be docked to the frame within a few seconds. Since the Euro frame is attached to the plate, the equipment can be moved up and down and its inclination can be altered (tilting movement).

Technical data of the Euro frame at a glance:
·        Allows installation of various Euro tools
·        Remote controlled
·        Manual locking
·        2 hydraulic movements: up-and-down and tilting movement
·        The frame can be mounted on the firefighting robot in 5 minutes

Our customers use the Euro frame to connect shovels, pallet forks, snow blowers, dump containers or sweepers.

Air-Ducting Hose

Highly effective ventilation of hard-to-reach areas, underground garages or hangars

Highly effective ventilation of hard-to-reach areas, underground garages or hangars

In case of fire, access to the affected premises is not always easy. The air-ducting hose is ideal when ventilating areas that cannot be reached with the TAF35, especially underground garages and hangars.

The air-ducting system is a non-rigid air hose made of a lightweight, particularly tear-resistant and non-combustible material, which allows air to be blown into smoky rooms. To do so, the air-ducting system is simply clipped onto the turbine with a ring, and can instantly be used to ventilate the area at full power.

Technical data of the air-ducting system at a glance:
• Consists of a lightweight, tear-resistant and non-combustible material
• Easy to lay out and roll up
• Can be attached to the turbine with a ring
• Ideal for ventilating hard-to-reach areas
• Available in 3 different lengths: 35, 50 and 100 m
• Fire class 1 (highest class for non-flammable substances according to UNI9167)


Best protection for your TAF in tricky applications

Best protection for your TAF in tricky applications

The self-protection option optimises protection of the firefighting robot against high temperatures and radiation.
In this case, 6 nozzles are installed on the base and turbine and use a portion of the extinguishing water to cool the machine. This improves TAF protection in particularly difficult applications, for example in the event of accidents in tunnels.

Technical data of the self-protection function at a glance:
• 2 nozzles cool the turbine
• 4 additional nozzles cool the chassis
• The function can be started easily by opening a valve
• Low water consumption: max. 68 l/min at 16 bar
• Water consumption can be adjusted to 3 different levels


Facilitates the transportation of accessories

Facilitates the transportation of accessories

Air-ducting system, monitor, nozzle ring, hoses… Wondering how to carry everything? Easy, with the firefighting robot Carrier Box!

The box, made of high-quality light metal, is not only attractive with its yellow-red light stripes, but it is also extremely handy. Separate brackets fasten the monitor and nozzle ring to the box, while the air-ducting hose and ring coils perfectly inside. Our customers also use the box to carry other accessories such as hoses.

The box can be fastened directly to the corresponding adapter frame, and also comes with openings for use with forklifts.

Technical data of the Carrier Box at a glance:
• Separate bracket for monitor and nozzle ring
• Perfect size for air-ducting system and ring
• Additional accessories such as hoses can also be carried
• Mounting: on the adapter frame or using pallet forks
• Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.9m x 0.6m (WxLxH)

Camera Kit

See through the eyes of our Firefighting Robot

See what the TAF sees

Operators of the firefighting robot TAF need accurate information about navigating through the environment, to detect hazards and locate hot spots. The camera kit allows operators to see exactly what the turbine sees in real time and then react accordingly. In this way, the tracked vehicle can be steered much more effectively to the source of the fire and therefore facilitate targeted firefighting from a safe distance.

Kit details:
The camera kit consists of 4 regular video cameras (front and rear view) + 1 thermal imaging camera.
4 high gain directional antennas ensure proper communication.

The cameras are mounted on the front and rear of the turbine and tracked vehicle, providing you with an excellent all-around view. With the help of the thermal imaging camera, you can identify the “hot spots”, steer the firefighting robot directly to the fire source and then fight the fire.

This camera kit got developed for use in especially harsh environments. The thermal imaging camera works well also in heavy smoke conditions, while night-time vision is ensured by the “night mode” function.

The images produced by the cameras are displayed on a tablet, which is mounted on the remote control of the tracked vehicle. A split screen reproduces the images of the 5 cameras, full-screen images can be obtained by clicking on the image required. Moreover, the operator can easily switch back and forth between the full-screen images of the various cameras. The data, produced by the cameras, can also be received on other devices, such as a Smartphone, by simply installing the appropriate software and remaining within range of the tracked vehicle (300m). It is also possible to switch from WLAN to LTE (SIM-card required) at any time, according to the signal quality.

Other technical data at a glance:

  • Sweeping rear and front view
  • Tablet degree of protection: IP 67
  • Tablet and Software are included
  • Images can also be displayed on other devices via WLAN/LTE
  • The operator of the tracked vehicle can receive images from a distance of up to 300m


Pulling and recovering objects using the cable winch

Pulling and recovering objects using the cable winch

In rescue operations, a winch can be incredibly useful. The cable winch is mounted behind the front panel of the firefighting robot and is remotely controlled. The drive of the winch is hydraulic.

Technical data of the cable winch at a glance:
• Cable length: 40m
• The thickness of the winch cable: 10 mm diameter
• Steel winch cable
• Hydraulic drive
• Traction: max. 3700 kg

Forklift Kit

Clearing the path for quick and easy obstacle removal and equipment transportation

Clearing the path for quick and easy obstacle removal and equipment transportation

In order to work efficiently during an emergency, heavy obstacles often have to be removed so as to clear the path for rescue teams. Moreover, devices may have to be transported to provide help on site. To this end, we have developed a range of optional forklifts for use with the TAF35.

The forklifts are docked to the plate of the firefighting robot with the aid of an adapter and can be remote controlled. The distance between the forklifts can be adjusted as desired.
With a lifting capacity of up to 1,000 kg, various devices can be transported at once.

Technical data of the Forklift Kit at a glance:
• The kit consists of forklifts and an adapter
• Both components can be ordered separately
• Lifting capacity: up to 1,000kg
• The distance of the forklifts can be adjusted as desired
• Remote controlled


See where your Firefighting Robot is at any time

See where your Firefighting Robot is at any time

GPS enables you to know exactly where your firefighting robot is at any time. In addition, the system gives you a good insight into the working hours of the device, so as to be able to schedule maintenance ahead of time.

GPS is installed on the device and grants the operator access to the position and working hours of the TAF at any time by means of web-based software. The exact oil and water temperature can also be checked, and the operator is notified when maintenance is required.

It is also possible to define specific zones of action and to be notified as soon as the TAF leaves these zone.

Technical data of the GPS function at a glance:
• You can always see where your firefighting robot is in real time
• You can define zones of action and be notified as soon as the TAF leaves them
• The software gives you an overview of the working hours of the device
• You receive messages for predefined events
• You can also view: maintenance schedule, oil and water temperature
• The application is available in the following languages: German, Italian, English, French and Spanish


A hydraulic floating and submersible pump delivers up to 8,000 l/min of water

A hydraulic floating and submersible pump delivers up to 8,000 l/min of water

Our floating and submersible pump is the ideal solution when the water required to fight a fire is to be fetched from a river.
The pump is connected to the TAF35 hydraulic auxiliary drive (Aux) and is remotely controlled. It can also be used for pumping waste and sewage water, as a bladed impeller fitted at the suction input shreds algae, grass and many other sediments.

Technical data of the pump at a glance:
• Submersible and floating pump
• Robust 6’’ submersible pump for dirt and sewage water
• Maximum water delivery: 8,000 l/min
• Maximum pressure: 3.9 bar
• Pump dimensions: 55cm x 90cm (LxH)
• Blade impeller at the suction input shreds algae and grass
• The weight of the pump: 130 kg
• Transport hook and hydraulic hose are included

Lateral Outflow for Storz C Coupling

An outlet on the main filter lets you connect another hose

An outlet on the main filter lets you connect another hose

To complete fire extinguishing procedures, you can connect an additional hose to the main filter. This gives you immediate access to a water source.

Technical data of the lateral outflow at a glance:
• Storz C coupling
• NC diaphragm valve, manually controlled
• Allows you to connect another C-tube

More Extras

We also develop custom-made products to meet customer requirements. Just contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for under the extras listed. We will do our best to find a suitable solution for your needs.

Further customer solutions developed by us:
• Carrier for hydraulic scissors
• Horizontal position display