Brave the Cold

With our dust controllers, you get through the winter safely and dust-free!
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With our dust controllers, you get through the winter safely and dust-free!

The days are getting shorter and the outside temperatures are falling noticeably: the cold season is on its way. But even the falling temperatures cannot stop the dust, this causes often great problems, as most dust controllers on the market only work down to zero degrees.

To find a solution to this problem, we have worked hard to make our machines winterproof. Thanks to the heating kit, the V12s, V22 and V7 work as efficiently as usual down to -10°C. Our flagship product for winter use is the V22Orca: when the icy temperatures make it impossible to suppress dust with water mist, it produces snow. This is why the V22Orca guarantees efficient dust control all year round.

Here is an overview of the temperature values of our winter-proof dust controllers:

  • V22Orca: -25 to +40°C
  • V12s with heating: -10 to +40°C
  • V22 with heating: -10 to +40°C
  • V7 with heating: -10 to +40°C


In detail: V22Orca
The V22Orca is in a class of its own and cannot be compared with any other product on the market: thanks to its hybrid function, it automatically switches to winter mode and produces snow for dust precipitation as soon as temperatures fall below zero. This enables efficient dust collection down to -25°C. Up to now, there have been isolated solutions with normal snow guns, but the snow is too dry to bind dust efficiently. In addition, snow guns do not work in summer because they work with too much water on the one hand and produce too large drops on the other.

Photo: Dust suppression in Russia

In detail: V12s and V22 with heating
In areas where temperatures do not drop lower than -10°C, our V12s and V22 with heating are ideal. The heating works a follows: all pipes of the machines are insulated and additionally heated from the inside. When the machine is turned on, a temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature and preheats the machine - only when all pipes are warm -  it starts.

Photo: The V12s in operation in cold temperatures in the city centre of Bolzano (Italy)

In detail: V7 with heating
In comparison to the V12s and V22, the heating kit of the V7 can even be retrofitted to existing machines. The heating system is built in a slightly different way: the pipes are thoroughly insulated, but not heated separately from the inside again. Nevertheless, the V7 can work efficiently down to -10°C.

This is where our winter models are already in use
Since many years our dust controllers are strongly present in Russia. Due to the partly very icy weather conditions there, we have always worked on the temperature resistance of our machines. The Russian market has taught us a lot about dust suppression at very cold temperatures, also the inputs for the V22Orca came from there (a big thanks goes to our local partner Boreas). Most of our machines are used in Russian coal ports and steel plants.

Further models of the type V22Orca are in use in Finland. In Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Italy numerous models of type V12s, V22, as well as V7, are working with heating.

Photo: Dust abatement in Russia

More information about our winterproof dust controllers: