For better air quality: KIBAG Beton project

Fully automated dust management system from EmiControls
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At the building materials producer KIBAG in Regensdorf (CH), a fully automated system from EmiControls ensures better air quality. With the help of several dust binding machines (2x V22 and 2x V12s) and the CURTpro control system, the turbines can be operated independently of each other in real time. The system runs according to a predefined weekly programme as standard, even at weekends. In this way, the dust load can be kept as low as possible.

The turbines switch on in the morning before the first employees arrive at work, ensuring that the workplace is already free of dust by this time. The system on site is now also equipped with a weather station and 2 dust sensors, which work in combination with all other components and forward inputs. These sensors are also used to measure and record all weather data and general dust levels.