Fire Fighting
Firefighting with Stationary Firefighting Systems

Stationary Firefighting Turbines increase Protection because:

  • Water mist essentially extinguishes efficiently
  • The structure is better cooled by the water mist 
  • Water mist also reaches very hidden sources of fire due to its ability to envelop objects 
  • Water mist is also very efficient in the deposition of pollutants and can prevent the escape of gases by means of water curtains

The stationary firefighting system is suitable for the following areas

Fields of Application

Every system is specially conceptualized for the customer. The firefighting turbine operates with water mist, and we can provide solutions for a wide range of applications. These include, among others: recycling plants, chemical industries, oil and gas facilities,  district heating plants, protection from forest fires and other protected areas, etc.

The FT10e Firefighting turbine

Our firefighting turbine can distribute water mist over a great distance - that is its unique selling point. Water mist has a considerable advantage in fire-fighting because it cools faster and can envelop objects, thus also reaching into hidden sources of fire. The fire can be quickly brought under control and extinguished using this method. The existing infrastructure is saved from extensive damage due to the lower water consumption when compared to the use of traditional extinguishing systems.