Fire Fighting
Pump Station
the ideal water supply solution for your fire protection system

Turnkey pump station fire your fire protection system

Stationary Fire Protection

The pump station from EmiControls is the ideal water supply solution for your fire protection system. The complete system works fully automatic and is individually adapted to the needs of our customers. The pump station can either be combined with a fire extinguishing monitor or our fire fighting turbine FT10e. Since the turbine works with water mist, it offers enormous advantages in case of fire: on the one hand, the structure can be cooled better by the water mist and on the other hand, the lower amount of extinguishing water also leads to less water damage.

The pump station in combination with fire extinguishing monitor/fire fighting turbine is often used where conventional sprinkler and spray water systems do not provide sufficient protection for the critical areas.

Monitor vs. Firefighting Turbine

The pump station can be equipped as desired with an extinguishing monitor or our fire fighting turbine FT10e.

The central advantage of the turbine is that it can throw water mist on a large distance. Water mist has a high cooling effect and can reach hidden sources of fire. The fire can therefore be contained and extinguished more quickly and the existing infrastructure takes less damage due to the lower water consumption (compared to the use of traditional extinguishing systems).

Upon request, we can also combine the pump station with a monitor.

The pump station is suitable for the following areas

Fields of Application

Each pump station is adapted to the customer's needs and is therefore very flexible in its application. Thanks to the possibility to work with a water mist turbine instead of a monitor, there are many fields of application. Among others: Recycling companies, chemical industry, oil&gas, district heating plants, etc.

These solutions can be interesting for you

Further solutions

Each application requires a customized solution. Our turbines can operate as a stationary unit, a complete system, or mounted on a caterpillar vehicle, according to your own requirements. Find out about the various application possibilities for the turbine here.