How to achieve a dust-free environment this summer

Gravel and concrete plants are an important part of the economy, yet they are often associated only with dust and noise. ...
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Gravel and concrete plants are an important part of the economy, yet they are often associated only with dust and noise. These role model companies show that this does not always have to be the case.

To avoid problems with neighbours, but also to protect the environment and significantly improve working conditions for employees, the companies Marx, Beton Lana and BWR have invested in an efficient and fully automatic dust suppression system. Their requirements for the system: it must suppress dust efficiently, function at any time of the year regardless of temperature, be as quiet as possible and ideally also function automatically.

We at EmiControls develop precisely such mobile as well as stationary solutions for dust control with water mist. The fine mist moistens the dust, weighs it down and brings it to the ground without forming puddles.

Together, the four companies have declared war on dust.


Dust protection in outdoor areas
The site of the company "Beton Lana" is located directly in the industrial zone of the nearby town. To keep dust emissions as low as possible, they have been shielding the surrounding businesses from dust since last summer with the help of the dust controller V22 (range: up to 90m). An integrated heating function allows the machine to operate down to -10°C.

In order to not have the employees think constantly think about switching the machine on and off, it is operated by the CURT control software. The software is coupled with a weather station and can thus react to wind, precipitation, etc. This saves energy, resources and also enables documentation of dust emission levels (important for public inspections).


At the company "BWR", dust had covered the photovoltaic system of the neighbouring roof. Traditional irrigation systems did not bring the desired results except for higher water consumption. On the contrary: the puddles that had formed on the ground made it difficult for trucks to enter and leave the site.
With the purchase of two V12s dust controllers (range: up to 65m), the dust in the outdoor storage area can be efficiently knocked down. Thanks to CURT management software, the machines run automatically for a certain time on hot days. But Manual control is also possible: for example when a truck arrives for unloading, the machines are switched on conveniently from the office via PC.

"Not only are our neighbours satisfied, but the truck drivers are also happy not to have to work in a cloud of dust when unloading their material," says Albert Palfrader, BWR's operations manager.

Dust protection in indoor areas
At the building company "Marx", the amount of dust generated during material rearrangement work was extremely high. No visibility due to extreme dust made the working conditions for his employees very difficult. Marx decided on a stationary dust suppression system and installed it along the entire ceiling. As soon as there is dusty work to be done, the nozzle lines are activated either manually or via time control.

Using a very small amount of water, the nozzles create a fine spray mist that efficiently knocks down the dust. The air quality in the hall has greatly improved and so have the working conditions of the employees.

About EmiControls
EmiControls was founded in 2011 and develops dust suppression solutions with the aim of greatly reducing dust emissions from factories. All EmiControls machines are characterised by low energy consumption, durability, low maintenance costs, high safety standards and versatile configuration.