Optionals for our dust controller: trailer

with road approval, for easy and cost-effective transport of the dust binding machine. 
#Dust #V12s

Our dust controllers are not only extremely efficient in dust protection, they can also be perfectly adapted to your own needs with the help of a wide range of optionals. Today we present you the trailer with road approval.

If you work in the demolition or construction sector or have to transport your dust controller frequently, you need a flexible solution. With our trailer with road approval, the V12s turbine can be transported from A to B without much effort. This is not only fast and uncomplicated but also significantly reduces transport costs.

Our trailer also comes up with other highlights:

  • The trailer hitch has an articulated joint and can therefore be used for any type of car or means of transport
  • Four stabilizers allow a good and safe stand, even on uneven terrain
  • Thanks to the resistant surface treatment of the turbine and trailer, a long service life is guaranteed
  • If necessary, the dust controller can be easily mounted and dismounted from the trailer.

We wish you a good trip!

Photo Credit: the photo is from our partner Im-Hof (Switzerland)