Dust Control
The quietest dust controller in the world

The quietest dust controller in the world

Dust Abatement

The specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60 dB(A) within a radius of 20 meters. The turbine has two levels of speed, so it is flexible enough to spray fine water mist from 25 to over 65 meters. Thanks to a sophisticated valve technology, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control on three different levels. Water flow is 16 - 100 l/min.

Which applications suit the V12s?

Fields of Application

Compact and low-noise, the V12s are ideal for work in city centers or areas where noise levels must be kept to a minimum, industrial uses, demolition, all types of open-pit operations, recycling plants, material storage, loading facilities, landfills, and wood processing.

Most important Technical Data


Throwing distance (up to) 25-35* / 50-65 m
Nominal power - turbine 3* / 11 kW
Nominal power - pump 4 kW
Sound pressure level LA 60* / 63 at 20m db(A)
Operating temperature 0° to +40°
Operating temperature with heating kit -10° to +40°
Turbine tilt -18° to +40°
Water flow 16 - 100 l/min
Swing (automatic) ° 350°
Water supply pressure 2 - 5 bar
* at reduced speed
Flyer V12s Dust Controller (150.09 kB) download

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