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Stationary Fire Protection and Mobile Firefighting with Turbine

Firefighting Turbines for Fire Protection and Mobile Firefighting

It is no secret that water mist is an efficient extinguishing agent. However, until now the distribution of the mist over more significant distances has been a challenge. Our firefighting turbines combine water mist with the power of a turbine and are able to distribute it over a considerably larger distance.

Experts in the field have for years known and valued the fact that water mist is very useful in extinguishing fires. Until now water mist has been distributed using nozzle technology. However, this technique limits the distribution distance to around 10 to 15 meters, which in turn also limits the application of this method.

With our firefighting turbines, we have managed to find an innovative solution to this problem. By combining the water mist with turbine technology, it is now possible to distribute the mist to a distance of over 75 meters. 

Our firefighting turbines can be used for both mobile firefighting and stationary fire protection. For mobile applications, the turbine is either mounted on a remotely controlled caterpillar vehicle or in a fire truck. For use as stationary fire protection, we position the turbine at a fixed location, where it can be immediately put into service in case of fire. 

We offer the following solutions for the protection of your business

Firefighting turbines provide a significant increase in the level of protection for both people and structures. On the one hand, both stationary and mobile variants can be operated by remote control, which means it is not necessary for anyone to be in the immediate danger area. On the other, the water mist achieves a higher rate of heat absorption using a smaller amount of water. In the event of a fire, the water mist can cool the structure more efficiently. Levels of damage are much reduced because the application uses a smaller amount of water to extinguish the blaze.


Stationary fire protection


Firefighting turbines are particularly suitable for preventative fire protection because the water mist envelops objects and can reach hidden sources of fire. Should you wish to protect your business with firefighting turbines, our planning always begins by taking the existing fire protection into consideration. The turbines are suitable for plants and equipment and can be fully automatically controlled by any fire detection systems.


Mobile firefighting


To increase the protection of emergency service personnel, we can mount the firefighting turbine onto a mobile unit, either a remote-controlled firefighting robot or a fire truck. Both solutions are very versatile and thanks to the water mist technology, are also effective in cases of gas precipitation.

Firefighting Turbine Applications

Fields of Application

There are very diverse fields of applications because our firefighting turbines operate with water mist. Both mobile and stationary variants can be deployed, for example, with forest fires, underground metro systems, railways, industries, and airports, among many others. 

Firefighting with water mist


Water mist has a central advantage compared to conventional waterjets because it can envelop objects and therefore cools and extinguishes very effectively. The principle works as follows: the turbine atomizes the water into a fine mist. When compared to conventional monitors (nozzle technology), firefighting turbines produce much smaller water particles, which are sprayed with the aid of propellers. The advantage of such small drops is that they form a larger water surface and thus also, a larger heat transport surface. The fine mist has a lower sedimentation rate and is able to reach hidden areas of fire that would be inaccessible to a jet of an extinguishing agent.

Our firefighting turbine also functions with foam (AFFF foam, Class A foam, MBS multipurpose foam, gel, and retarder).

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